Application Note 007

Modify Patch level Limits

The FF-800 autopatch output level (pot#07) has a limit feature which prevents level settings which will overdrive the central office equipment. Several sysops have indicated that these limits are too restrictive and they need greater freedom in setting these levels. This application note details how to modify the limit registers to allow these settings to be increased.


NOTE: This modification requires the serial port connection.

Connect your PC or terminal to the FF-800 (or connect via modem/TNC) and perform your logon sequence.


NOTE: The "HE" and "WR" commands are factory debug commands

and should be used with GREAT CARE! Be very alert when using these commands as you may inadvertently disrupt the operation of your system if they are not used exactly as shown here.

You can examine the current value (in HEX notation) by typing the following:

>HE B63B
B63B:26 45 FF FF FF FF FF FF     &E......
The number "26" indicates the maximum allowed level for pot#7 (in HEX notation). To change this value, enter the following:
B63B:FE 45 FF FF FF FF FF FF     .E......
The limit restriction is now removed and POT#07 can be set to any value from 00% to 99% via the set level commands.