V3.10 Object files for General Release:

Updated 9/15/2002

*FF-800 beta release of the v3.10 FLASH update files (FF310E.ZIP)

Object files (in Motorola S19 ASCII format) for U3 and U4 EPROMs on the FF-800.

(Users who have the FFLASH V3.85 (or higher) can download here)


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There are six (6) files in the ZIP package:

Instructions for FFLASH users ({ret} = Carraige Return, Enter, or Return key on your keyboard):

NOTE: The "checksum error" that is displayed after some of the following programming operations is expected and can be ignored.

Expanded U5 device is NOT required to run V3.xx. Features that require expanded U5 are disabled until you install the new memory.

Instructions for NON-FFLASH Users:

You will need to obtain a 128Kx8 EPROM (511-M27C1001-12F from Mouser Electronics). The EPROM data files are in Motorola S-Record (S19) format. Most device programmers have a unique command structure, you should consult your programmer's documentation to perform the following:

U5 Expanded Memory Upgrade

If you wish to obtain an expansion memory chip for U5, contact Component Distributors at 800-848-4234. This is their Plano, TX office, so don't be disturbed if they give you another number to call. The device is a SIMTEK 32K x 8 NVRAM, part# STK11C88-45P. The "-xxP" suffix indicates the access time (i.e., 45ns) while the P indicates narrow plastic DIP. There are a variety of speeds that will work, -35P, -25P or -15P. Basically, whatever they have in stock should work. Also, industrial parts (-45PI) will also work. The cost should be less than $15 plus shipping. If you have any difficulties obtaining this part, let me know.

Alternately, a Dallas Semiconductor NVRAM may be used if the SIMTEK parts are not available. The part number is DS1230Y-120 and can be ordered direct from Dallas Semiconductor or from Allied Electronics (allied part# 671-0162).

Be Sure to note the orientation of the existing U5 before replacing it with the new device. The SIMTEK parts are half-wide, so the U5 socket actually consists of three rows of equally spaced socket pins. This arrangement allows a normal width part such as the DS1230Y to be used in place of the narrow SIMTEK part. The SIMTEK device should be installed so that it occupies the two socket rows closest to U4.

After installing the new device, you should perform a factory initialization sequence as described below.

FFLASH users: