4.11 Pager Functions

The FF-800 supports several pager functions that allow paging tones to either be initiated by a DTMF command, or embedded within a speech message (allowing a paging sequence to be sent along with the repeater ID, tail message, etc...). In addition to the following functions, the user should reference [PAG] in Text Edit (4.7.3) or [PAG] in Text Message Entry (5.3).

DTMF Repeat Access: GENERAL
{#43} (AD6) (Ton) (Toff) (digits)
Response: sends (digits) as DTMF signals on the repeater audio chain.

This command can be used as a simple DTMF paging command, or it can be embedded into a macro to allow macro based paging or remote control. (Ton) and (Toff) are single digits and specify the tone timing as follows:

040 ms
180 ms
2160 ms
3320 ms
4640 ms
51.28 sec
62.56 sec
75.12 sec
87.68 sec
This geometric timing sequence provides a wide range of timing values that may be easily entered. A parametric macro may also be programmed which would allow the end user to key in digits with the timings pre-set:

{unlock to configuration level}
"M R O Enter"
DD599			designate paramter
"M E"
AD600			dtmf w/ 80ms on/off timing
"M E"
The end user would simply enter "AC20123" to send the digits "123" at the 40 ms timing. Page Two Tone Access: GENERAL
{#60} (BB3) (reed#1) (reed#2)
Response: sends the paging sequence which corresponds to (reed#1) and (reed#2)

The (reed#x) numbers are obtained from the chart below and represent the two low digits of the Motorola standard reed codes. Gaps in the reed code pattern have been filled in with other standard paging frequencies -- selection of these reed codes will result in the specified frequency (which is not Motorola standard).

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