The FFLASH Offers in-circuit firmware upgrades for the FF-800 Repeater Controller

The FFLASH option extends the functionality of the FF-800 by allowing the user to install firmware updates without having to physically swap out EPROMs. In addition to the FFLASH control module, the FFLASH option includes 2 FLASH EPROMs and a specially programmed microprocessor. Firmware updates can be easily and quickly installed with a minimum of effort. All that is needed is a PC that can be used at the repeater site.
The FF-Remote option includes the basic functionality of the FFLASH, but the interface module is more complex as it allows remote control of the programming functions via DTMF signalling. This allows remote updates via modem or TNC and is well suited to applications involving mountain-top sites, tower mounted sites, or any loaction to which access can be difficult.