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*Latest FF-800 V3.xx Firmware Page

*FF-800 V3.11 Beta-Test Firmware Page

*FFlash V3.85 Upgrade Page

FF-800 legacy code files

Legacy Revision Notes

*Application notes library

Contains a variety of application notes for the FF-800:

*Tech manual for the FF-800 Controller (PDF).

Schematics, parts list, parts placement, and connector pin-outs for the FF-800, FF-180, and FF-8010 (display).

*Trial version of the FF-800 Manual (PDF).

This manual has had the factory default prefixes replaced with false defaults. It is otherwise identical to the FF-800 Product manual.

*FF-800 Manual

On-line HTML manual for the FF-800 repeater controller.

*Download the FF-800 Manual

View the FF-800 manual off-line using your web browser. All the benefits of this hypertext document at the speed of your hard drive.

*V3.85 FFlash Manual (PDF)

Includes revision B control module updates.

*DVR Manual (PDF)

Complete manual for the FF-8070 DVR.

*FF-CAD Manual (PDF)

Complete manual for the FF-CAD delay module (for hardware revision S).

*RBI-1 Interface appnote(PDF)

Hookup notes for the Doug Hall RBI-1 using the interface adapter supplied w/ some FF-180 chassis.

*Stand-alone DVR Manual

Operation Manual for the FF-8070A ACC compatible DVR.

*FF-0.8 Manual

Text manual for the FF-0.8 stand-alone DTMF control module.