FF899 HF Interface Product Summary

The FF-899 Offers HF remote control for the FF-800 Repeater Controller

The FF-899 option extends the functionality of the FF-800 by allowing the user to remotely control an HF station. Currently supported radios include: The FF-899 allows for the control and interrogation of frequency and modulation mode. Control is via TTL serial interface -- an RS-232 adapter is not required (however, some radios, like the TS-440, require additional hardware to allow serial control). Provision is also made for S-meter telemetry -- some rigs require modification to access the S-meter signal, others (like the TS-690) are able to report S-meter telemetry via their serial interface.

In addition to the radio control, the FF-899 can be interfaced to an antenna rotor to provide azmuth control and telemetry with a best-case resolution of +/-1.5 degrees (depending on rotor type). The FF-899 can also interface to a remote coax switch to allow remote antenna selection.

FF-899 Pricing

FF--899 Specifications

Power requirement+8.5 to +12 volts @ 200 mA
Digital signals:
Inputs0 - 40V
Outputs0 - 40V (250 mA max)
KEY output0-40V (250 mA max)
Analog signals:
Board dimensions7.0" x 4.0"