FF-8090 ICOM IC-901 Interface Product Summary

The FF-8090 Offers IC-901 interface capability for the FF-800 Repeater Controller

The FF-8090 option extends the functionality of the FF-800 by allowing the user to remotely control an IC-901 station. The user may control and interrogate frequency, repeater offset, and CTCSS encode, remote volume and squelch, main and sub bands, and 50 memories (among other features).

FF-8090 Pricing

FF--8090 Specifications

Power requirement+8.5 to +12 volts @ 200 mA
Digital signals:
Inputs0 - 40V
Outputs0 - 40V (250 mA max)
KEY output0-40V (250 mA max)
Analog signals:
Board dimensions7.0" x 7.0"