FF-800 On-Line Manual


The FF-800 represents some of the latest technology in microprocessor control systems. It features a 68HC711E2 microprocessor and has 160K of ROM, and 34K of non-volatile RAM. This large on-board memory capability gives the FF-800 plenty of room for new features. The speech synthesizer is a Texas Instruments TSP53C30 with a vocabulary of over 400 words. There are also several "control phrases" that allow special messages (like time of day, temperature, digital voice tracks, etc...) to be interspersed with speech synthesizer words. Try an Overview of FF-800 features for a closer look at some of the operation of the FF-800. Other system features include:

FF-800 Electrical Specifications

Power requirement(+Vpwr) = 10 - 14Vdc @ 350 mA
Digital signals:
COR Inputs, CMD inputs0 - (+Vpwr)
Phone busy input0 - 12 V
Peripheral bus input0 - 5 V
Peripheral bus output0 - 5 V, 3 mA source/sink max
KEY and OUTPUT lines0 - 40 V, sink 500 mA max
Analog signals:
A/D input0 - 5 V
Audio inputs0 - 8 Vp-p
DTMF valid range (no noise)0.8 - 8 Vp-p (this level is adjusted at the receiver)
Audio output (normalized)4 Vp-p
RX audio input amplifier:AC coupled
Gain (adjustable)-23 to +23 dbV range adjustable in 256 steps
Input impeadance50 Kohms
Input DC offset+/- 150 mV
TX audio output:DC coupled
Board dimensions8.5" x 10.5"


FF-180f Chassis Specifications

Eight DB-9 connectors for I/O and Power
Eight 4 pin mini-DIN connectors for
transmitter and receiver connections
Chassis dimensions17"w x 13"d x 3"h
Standard E.I.A. 19" rack mounting
Chassis material0.062" Aluminum
19" mounting plate material0.125" Black Anodized Aluminum
FF-8010 Display board:
6 COS status LEDs
6 CTCSS input status LEDs
5 receiver enable status LEDs
5 PTT status LEDs
5 transmitter enable status LEDs
Main DTMF valid LED
Auxilliary DTMF valid LED
Ring detect and Off Hook status LEDs
8 logic output status LEDs
4 logic input status LEDs
8 pin circular microphone connector for
user supplied DTMF equipped microphone