The FF-0.8 Offers DTMF Control capabilities

The FF-0.8 is a small, programmable DTMF control board that is well suited for remote sites or basic repeater controllers where simple on/off DTMF control is desired:

FF-0.8 Specifications

Power requirement+8.5 to +12 volts @ 50 mA
Digital signals:
Inputs0 - 40V
Outputs0 - 40V (250 mA max)
KEY output0-40V (1A max)
Analog signals:
DTMF Input impeadance100 Kohms (AC coupled)
CW Audio output level0 - 5.0 Vpp (AC coupled)
CW Audio Output impeadance1 Kohms
Board dimensions3.0" x 3.0"