by Jack W. Mills

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Finally on December 16, l945 I boarded a bus for Chandler, Arizona. with my discharge in one hand and my worldly goods in a duffle bag and my $300.00 mustering out pay. That was all that I owned to, except I felt free as a bird.

On the greyhound bus that I rode home was an old man and he said to me ,"Boy these stages sure are something", I didn't understand what he meant but it finally dawned on me that he was calling the bus a stage, like in stage coach. He was riding for the first time, he nearly got mad at me for not realizing what he meant but I had never heard a bus called a stage before.

The name Fort Bliss is very misleading, as I never seen any of the Bliss part, it just looked like sand and misery to me, except for the fact that I was getting a discharge and that made it tolerable. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be stationed there.

I have tried to relate the story to the best of my remembrance but as you have read it, as you have seen, it is pretty spotty, it is very incomplete and leaves a lot of gaps and things that I should remember, and as it was happening it seemed I would never forget any of it but for all these years I haven't tried to remember much of it and was more or less trying to forget it and had no idea of trying to write this and had it not been for our granddaughter, Carrie Lee Mills (Rodell), getting a new computer and loaning me this one, I never would have started it, but trying to use this thing makes it almost enjoyable.

I have tried to put something in for everyone, so you, that are looking for mistakes and bad grammar will be pleased to know, I have discreetly stuck a few in. This concludes a portion of my all expense paid trip to Europe. I came away with 4 campaign battle stars and an Arrowhead and our company was awarded the French Croix de Guerre and some other things that I can't remember right off hand. My Army paraphernalia was lost and I have no idea where it went or who has it now. I do have my dog tags, they had been in the possession of my oldest sister and when she passed away my youngest sister got them, and she passed them along to me. I had a complete uniform but it has gotten away somewhere, and that's the way it was, December l6, l945. I was in the service about thirty three "33" months, and I wouldn't take a million dollars for the experience and I wouldn't give a penny to do it again. The thing that makes it all stand out to me though is that we have the best country in the world even with its bumps and knots, you only have to go South a few hundred miles to prove that and it is the same elsewhere in my opinion.

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