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This description/specification is reprinted from our product description made at the time the software was being sold. It is provided as a historical reference. This software is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US.






GENERAL: UTM provides a conversion from geographical position to universal transverse Mercator coordinates and the inverse. Since this is a world wide projection there is a choice of twelve different ellipsoids including those used by NAD27 and NAD83. The program is valid for latitudes up to 84 degrees north and 80 degrees south. The polar areas are covered by the universal polar stereographic projection, program UPS, which is also included on the disk.

INPUT/OUTPUT: Choice of input: manual interactive or read from a disk file. Choice of output: printer, screen or write to a disk file. Input data can be saved on disk. All files are in ASCII code and can be examined using the TYPE command or opened in wordpad.

COMPUTER CONFIGURATION: IBM PC or compatible, using MS-DOS, 256K RAM, printer not required but desirable. Can be used with or without a math coprocessor. Also can be run in the windows environment.

ACCURACY SPECIFICATIONS: The coordinates are accurate to within one millimeter when used within the designated zone.




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