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This description/specification is reprinted from our product description made at the time the software was being sold. It is provided as a historical reference. This software is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM US.



HP-48GX/SX Internal Ephemeris Module






GENERAL: ASTRO*CARD is a ROM module for the HP-48GX/SX containing extremely accurate internal ephemeris generation for sun and Polaris observations through the year 2010 with no updates required. Designed primarily for use with internal clock and calculation of azimuth while occupying the field station, the module can be conveniently used for office calculations as well. Programs can be run with or without a printer. Comes with complete, explicit user instructions; however, routines and options are easily learned. Module developed by authors of the Celestial Observation Handbook and Ephemeris (Sokkia Corporation).

INPUT: Depends on selected options. Minimum required input is latitude and longitude.

CALCULATOR CONFIGURATION: HP-48GX or HP-48SX with 2K of free memory.

ACCURACY SPECIFICATIONS: (design period 1965 through 2020 with no updates):
Maximum GHA error: 2.2" (90% of time <1.0"). Maximum declination error: 1.4" (90% of time <1.0").
The above errors result in a maximum error in azimuth of 3.3 arc-seconds (90% of the time less than 1.5 arc-seconds) when the sun's altitude is at 40 degrees. Error decreases as altitude decreases.
Maximum error in azimuth is 0.6 arc-seconds for observations made at 60dN latitude. Maximum error is 0.4 arc-seconds at 40dN latitude.





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