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An Overview of the Firm

Welcome to the Elgin, Knowles & Senne, Inc. homepage. Founded in 1983, at this writing (2009) the firm is inactive. Still, we have produced products which will long outlive 2009, hence, this website. Also, although retired, the three partners are still in circulation, active and available. Our emails are available under Contacts.
A few of the firm's more notable accomplishments include:

  1. Developers of the "ASTRO*" line of celestial observation software (described herein).
  2. Authors of the "Celestial Observation Handbook and Ephemeris" for the years 1985 through 2008. First published by Lietz, then by SOKKIA. In .pdf, the 2008 ephemeris is available herein.
  3. Coauthors of Chapter 17, "Field Astronomy for Azimuth Determinations" in "The Surveying Handbook," 2nd Edition, Chapman and Hall (1995).
  4. Presenters of about 300 seminars on technical, professional and business subjects relating to surveying.
  5. Over the years, coauthors of numerous articles in "American Surveyor," "Professional Surveyor," "POB" and state surveyor association magazines.

Feel free to email any of your comments and/or questions.

Dick Elgin
Rolla, MO
May, 2009








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