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The Heritage Boys: Mark Nash, Bob Davis, Mike Morton

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The latest CD project - Sunday Drive is now available! This is a collection of songs with a powerful message.

Sunday Drive brings to mind images of carefree afternoons leisurely driving down a nearly forgotten path. Drive also illustrates ones determination to do something. As Christians we should all have the Sunday Drive to share the gospel of Jesus Christ using the gifts God has given. While itís good that we can be satisfied in Christ, we should never be satisfied that others are almost persuaded to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Sunday is a day of renewal and praise to provide the drive to share His love through our everyday witness.

The Heritage Boys have teamed up with You can now listen to and purchase Sunday Drive on-line. Click on the CD cover to goto THE HERITAGE BOYS: Sunday Drive


The Heritage Boys are members of the Mid-America Gospel Music Association, MAGMA! MAGMA is an organization made up of gospel groups, soloists, and individuals who love gospel music. MAGMA's goals are:

  • to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Gospel Music.
  • to provide fellowship among MAGMA Gospel artists and supporters of Gospel Music.
  • to provide, schedule, and organize opportunities for its members to perform at concerts, church functions, and other events.
  • to publish news events and provide information about MAGMA artists to interested parties.

Click on the MAGMA logo to go to their web site for more information about the organization and how you can become a member.

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