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In And Around Rolla
-Places to go and sites to see in or around the city limits of Rolla
There are several interesting locations to visit within and very close to the city limits
of Rolla.  Future articles here will include the histories of various buildings on the
MSM-UMR campus and in Rolla itself.

The Uptown
-This unique Rolla Landmark is reborn as a nightclub to
serve the campus and community.

Coming Soon!
The All Stars Sports Bar And Grill

-The old Uptown Theater has reopened as a sports bar
and grill with the "biggest screen" in town to watch the big game.  The establishment also provides a variety of other forms of entertainment and quality food.

The John Audubon Regional Nature Center of Rolla
-The Ozark Rivers Chapter of the Audubon Society has established a scenic retreat in the city limits of Rolla.

The Engineering Geology of Thomas Jefferson Hall
And The Filled Sinks of The Ozarks

-Darn!  We won't be touring the leaning tower of TJ anytime soon.  This article dispels the legend that TJ Hall is slowly sinking/tilting and discusses features somewhat
unique to the Ozarks.
-The Engineering Geology of Thomas Jefferson Hall
(PowerPoint presentation in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format)

The Lion's Club Park Mountain Bike Trail

-Local cycling enthusiasts and the Rolla Lion's Club have worked together to create outdoor recreation in the city limits of Rolla.

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In And Around Rolla

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