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The Meramec Valley Region
-This scenic region includes the Meramec River and its
The Meramec River originates deep in the Ozarks near Salem, MO and flows around 200 miles before
joining with the mighty Mississippi River south of St. Louis.  The Meramec Valley is home to rugged
hills, scenic springs, and good
floating streams.  Its relatively close proximity to St. Louis has made it
a popular weekend playground with those wanting to escape city life for a few days, making it more
developed and populated than other similar Ozark watersheds.

The Upper Meramec Region
-From the headwaters to Meramec Caverns
The Lower Meramec Region
-From Meramec Caverns to the Mississippi

Maramec Spring Park

-This scenic spring located near St. James
offers many forms of recreation and a unique history.  The park holds Old Iron Works Days, a festival celebrating the history and culture of the area every fall during the second week of October.

Meramec State Park
-This article discusses the recreation opportunities and history of the park.  A large dam was once proposed in what is now part of the park.

The Tyson Valley Area

-This area near St. Louis is home to multiple parks,
some of which hold elk, buffalo, wolves, bald eagles, and a unique history.

Additional Info on the Tyson area thanks to the Washington University Tyson Research Center:
-Tyson Valley - A Chronology
-A History Of The Tyson Research Center
-History Of Tyson Research Center
-GLENCOE - From The Beginning

Henry H. Laumeier Sculpture Park

-Contemporary Art In An Outdoor Setting


The Meramec Highlands Quarry at Dee Koestering Park

-An urban retreat near Kirkwood, MO features an interesting history and unique scenery.

Powder Valley Nature Center - An Urban Oasis
-This small preserve near St. Louis allows one to escape the hustle and bustle for a short while while offering an educational center for all ages.


The Meramec Basin Plan - A Look Back 25 Years Later

-This project was started in the 1970's and was to turn the Meramec Basin into a series of up to 31 lakes, changing the character of the region.  The resulting controversy ended up leading to the project's demise.

PDF of PowerPoint presentation given at Association of Engineering Geologists 2005 National Meeting - Sept. 22, 2005

The Meramec Park Lake Project (External Link)
Another good article on the subject by Jo Schaper

Trouble On The River?

The popularity of the Meramec River brings about new issues 25 years after the Meramec Dam was defeated.

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