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Ozark Mountain Experience

Heart of The Ozarks Region
-A Land of Scenic Rivers And Hills
Information on the sites and attractions of the deeper Ozarks are highlighted here.  This region,
covering much of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, is home to a variety of large springs
and clear, cool rivers.  Most of the region is underlain by karst geology, leading to the creation
of some unique geologic formations.  Most of the Mark Twain National Forest, several state parks,
conservation areas, and multiple hiking trails are present in this region.  Other subcategories of
this region are separated into their own respective categories on the main page.  These categories
include In And Around Rolla
and the
Meramec Valley Region (mainly the upper Meramec Valley).

Mill Creek And Kaintuck Hollow

-This area southwest of Rolla offers camping, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and much more in a scenic setting.

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Missouri’s Ozark National Scenic Riverways

-The ONSR offers many miles of floatable rivers, springs, and excellent scenery.

Bennett Spring State Park
-Fisherman's Paradise - This park offers trout fishing and many luxuries not available in other state parks.  The park also contains excellent examples of karst geologic features and more remote hiking trails for those who enjoy peace and quiet.

Bass Pro Outdoor World

-The "Las Vegas casino" of sporting goods stores provides an interesting experience and a huge variety of items.

Just How Are The Ozarks Defined
-A concise summary and definition of the characteristics defining the region known as the Ozarks.  Geographers have yet to set definite boundaries for the region.

Caves And Karst In And Around Rolla
-Much of Missouri is underlain by carbonate bedrock which is easily dissolved into karst.   There is much to see both above and below ground.

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Ozark River Float Trips

-Missouri's rivers offer floats for scenic beauty or just a good time.

The Beautiful Big Piney River Of The Missouri Ozarks

-The Big Piney River offers a scenic float or a relaxing float trip.  This is the river for those wanting to escape the crowds.

The Big Piney River Revisited
-Yet another float on this scenic river has brought about a whole new set of experiences to share.

All Big Piney articles combined - This is the complete version.

The Devil's Elbow Bridge Needs Repair

-Rust and crumbling concrete threaten this historic and scenic Route 66 structure.

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Grand Gulf And Greer Spring
-Grand Gulf, Greer Spring, and Mammoth Spring, AR make for an interesting and scenic trip.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park
-See a world class karst landscape and castle ruins near Camdenton, MO.

Devil's Elbow, Clifty Creek, & Lane Spring
-These unique areas near Rolla feature scenery, a natural bridge, and springs.

Henry Rowe Schoolcraft - The "Lewis And Clark" of The Ozarks

-Schoolcraft, an early explorer, helped to inspire the creation of MSM/UMR.

Discount Groceries of The Ozarks

-"Crash And Dent" stores provide low prices, variety, local color, and good service.


The St. Francois Mountains Region

-See Elephant Rocks, Johnson's Shut-ins, and other features in this unique area of Missouri.  Featuring failure of the Upper Taum Sauk Reservoir.

In Defense of Steelville, MO 65565 - The Middle of America

-This article, in response to the Nov 2001 article in
National Geographic Magazine, points out many positive aspects to living in the Ozarks of Missouri.

The Trespassers Wil/100 Acre Wood Rally Race

-Extreme auto racing in the great outdoors.
The race is held every February and is enjoyed
by those who attend.

The Mark Twain National Forest

-"The Lands That Nobody Wanted" becomes a "Land of Many Uses."

The Engineering Geology of Thomas Jefferson Hall
And The Filled Sinks of The Ozarks

-Darn!  We won't be touring the leaning tower of TJ anytime soon.  This article dispels the legend that TJ Hall is slowly sinking/tilting and discusses features somewhat
unique to the Ozarks.
-The Engineering Geology of Thomas Jefferson Hall
(PowerPoint presentation in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format)

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Heart of The Ozarks Region

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