Discussion List

Caves of Missouri is a Yahoo! based listserve named after the cave classic by J Harlen Bretz.  To signup for the list, go to  To join, click “Join” which is located near the top of the page.  All levels of cavers are welcome and encouraged to join.  There are some short rules for the list, which are included near the end of this e-mail.

In order to avoid ads on Yahoo, one should DESELECT all promotional e-mails in the “Marketing Preferences” when signing up for Yahoo.  If the small ads at the bottom of messages are bothersome, they may also be disabled by not using HTML e-mails, but then you miss out on other HTML features.  There are three basic settings as to how messages may be delivered.  One may select to have all messages posted delivered individually, once a day at midnight as a daily digest, or whenever the user wants to view them.

Please take a moment to review the rules, as these are also important.

1.  The group is not moderated but membership is restricted.   This means that that one can post freely once they are verified by the group administrator. The list has been setup in this manner in order to reduce the chance of Spammers signing on and to help screen malicious users.

2.  Keep it clean – there are people of all ages here.

3.  Keep on topic. This group is meant for the discussion of caves, karst, outdoors, and other related topics.

4.  The discussion of cave locations shall be done in a discrete manner.  The location of caves shall not be discussed openly on the list, except over a general area such as a town, county, or watershed.  Of course this rule doesn't apply to commercial caves or caves whose location is obvious or promoted by the managers (ex: Indian Cave in Meramec State Park or Meramec Caverns (commercial)).  If one is unsure of a cave's status, play it safe and ask first.  We don't want to let the whole world know about the exact location of our unprotected caves, which is the majority of them.  Offending messages and/or users can be removed.

Although many cave locations are freely available on maps, etc., it is best not to advertise them on the web where the whole world can see them. This is often a problem with new cavers who do this without realizing the harm that can be done. Most caves in the state are on private property and entering without asking he owner is a criminal trespass. Besides being illegal, one might find themselves getting filled with buckshot if a landowner gets angry. Damage to caves from vandals will not repair itself in many human lifetimes and many caves are home to highly beneficial but highly endangered species. We want to make sure our caves and their critters remain protected from damage and that landowners will continue to allow cavers to visit their caves.

5.  Flames and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Offending messages and/or members can and will be removed.

6.  This list is not for commercial use and no one wants to read a bunch of advertisements and SPAM.  Advertising an old piece of equipment here and there is ok, but not an entire store full of equipment.  Spammers will be removed immediately.

Those not complying with the above rules will be removed from the list.

Questions or comments?  Feel free to send me mail at