Phelps County Clerk's Office
Carol A Bennett, County Clerk
Phelps County Local Election Results
August 5th 1997 Election
Local Issues

Total Precincts Reported = 18 of 18
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August 97 Ballot Issues:

Rolla School District Tax Levy Rollback Waiver
Shall the Board of Education of the Rolla School District No. 31 of Phelps County, Missouri, be authorized to eliminate the reduction in its operating levy under 164.013 RSMo., in order to provide funds for the improvement of school facilities, including: the construction, equipping, and furnishing of a new elementary school serving grades three and four and improvements to existing facilities of the District, lowering pupil/teacher ratios in the primary grades, and for the acquisition of technology, pursuant to 177.088, Revised Statutes of Missouri (1994), as amended, and to meet other operating needs?

City of Rolla Home Rule Charter
"Shall the Home Rule Charter of the City of Rolla, be approved?"

All results as reported are UnOfficial. They have been placed here, with permission from the County Clerk, as a service to the community. Certified results will be available from the County Clerk's Office at a later date. Write-In candidates results are unable to be posted until the election night nears its end.

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