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Greg & Cindy Harris wrote:
The case against the man who tried to run over Lance Armstrong and another cyclist started Thursday. There's interesting testimony by Armstrong and a telephone technician who witnessed the event. For the story in the Austin American Statesman go to:

Web site with info on the conviction:


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Subj:    Re: Lance Armstrong almost run over,
           files charges, wins.
Date:    2/14/99
Thanx for letting us know about this. Its a real problem everywhere I've ever ridden (although drivers in the Rolla area seem to be more civil than around K.C.). I, myself, was hit, and had two spend two days in the hospital with a concussion and a broken shoulder. The police made no attempt to find the
driver. The really important issue for all of us here is that we must learn to overcome the reflex anger when we get "breezed", and not yell, or "flip-off" the drivers, as this only tends to escalate the situation as occurred here.
Jim Davison

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Subj:    Local bad drivers and bad dogs
Date:    2/15/99
Maybe we should consider putting a "bad dog" and "bad car" section on the RATS web site. I think it would be a good service for our members and it would document problems if something more tragic than simple road rage occurs.
BAD DOG -- location, breed, aggressive, playful, how close
BAD CAR -- location, type of car, color, license number, description of occupants, location.

Of the handful of negative experiences that I have had in the Phelps County area, I have had more on the south outer road between Rolla and Doolittle than anywhere else - I now use the north outer road exclusively. The north outer road is nicer too.

I also think it is a good idea to avoid Newberg for an hour after school has been let out. I guess the Newberg high school boys like to cruise the roads and look for entertainment.

Overall though, I think the Phelps County area is pretty friendly. There aren't enough cyclist around here for us to be a real thorn in the side of local motorist. In the hills above Palo Alto, CA there used to be (I was last there 10 years ago) anti-cycling messages painted on the road by the local residents who didn't like having to worry about cyclist on the very narrow and curvy roads in some of the more exclusive neighborhoods.

Try to smile and wave to everyone - it's always good to make friends!

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Subj:    Re:  Local bad drivers and bad dogs
Date:    2/15/99
Its interesting that you mentioned the south outer road to Doolittle as a bad spot for harrassment by cars. I rode that Sunday and was hanked at by two cars, and badly breezed by one that nearly put me in the ditch. It was the first time I've
really had trouble in the Rolla area.

I think your idea about bad driver/dog notices is a good idea.

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Date:    2/20/99 11:31:20 PM Central Standard Time
From:    CGcyclist
Greetings Fellow Bicyclists,
Hostile motorists are a widespread problem that MBF is attempting to address. When a motorist engages in vehicular or verbal assault, make note of the license tag on the vehicle, description of the vehicle's occupants, the date and details regarding the incident. Send this information to MBF. We will send a form letter to the owner of the vehicle explaining the seriousness of this type of action, a copy of the State Statutes regarding bicycles and an assurance that we will keep a copy of this report in our files in the event this information is needed in the future.

Missouri Bicycle Federation:
Making Missouri a better place to ride a bicycle.

Smooth roads, Caryn Giarratano, Secretary of the Board
MBF, POB 104871, Jefferson City, MO 65110-4871

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