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Upcoming Rides

April 21, ride from Doolittle to Sugar Tree Road and return (those wanting more challenge than this can continue the ride to Arlington and return). Meet at Cooking from Scratch (gas station) at Doolittle at 9:00.

April 27, ride from Buehler Park to Doolittle and return (those wanting more challenge can continue the ride to Newburg and return). Meet at Buehler Park at 9:00.

May 4 St. James to Cuba (and return), meet at the visitor’s center in St. James as 9:00 am.

May 11 St. James to overpass of Hwy V over I-44 (and return), meet at St. James visitor’s center at 9:00am. Ride to Hwy V by way of North outer road and back on Hwy V.

May 18 Katy Marthasville (near Washington) to Augusta (and Return). About 22 mile ride. If you need transport for your bike, please contact Dan Canfield (canfield@rollanet.org) by Thursday May 16. Meet at Buehler Park in Rolla at 8:00am. If you would like to meet the club at Marthasville, please contact Dan Canfield in advance, so he can make plans to meet you there.

May 26 4th Sunday Ride (TOTO warmup) Check for this ride on the Tour of the Ozarks link from the RATS webpage.


Wine Country Tour (spring and Fall)
V-Highway (park at Brewer Science)
Z Highway (park atVoss Sation at Dixon Exit)
J jighway (10 miles to FLW-20 Round Trip)
J highway -turn left at Cross ROad market to Falt Return
Doolittle to Sugar Tree Road
Buehler Park to Newberg
Lions Park to Lane Springs(riding on shoulder on hwy 63)
KATY rides(Jefferson City,Rocheport,Dutzow,Booneville,St Charles)
Overnight on Katy (camp out or Motel)
Mill Creek(dirt trail ride)
Tom Magruder's trail(Contact Tom Magruder)
St James to Cuba
Ride to the River on June 8th(for information call Sandra Arthur,Cynthia Childs 573-364-0300)
Tour of the Ozark (more info below)
4th Sunday Rides ( May through August
Great River Ride (Alton,Ill)

Please let me know your desires by return e-mail or call me at 341-3108. Rides we have made in the past for your consideration follow:



You do not have to be a club member to participate in rides. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL CLUB RIDES. A lunch stop will often be available during or after each ride. Bring your own riding accessories (water, biking gloves, spare tube, pump, etc...). The following rides are not guaranteed to take place. In case of questionable weather, call Dan Canfield at 573-341-3108 or emailcanfield@rollanet.org

"Show 'n Go" means that there is no designated leader or route.

KEY:  All rides are road rides unless color coded.  Blue is the KATY trail.  Red is mountain biking.

Weekly Mountain Biking


I left a notice on the board at Rt.66 Bikes with directions to the place but I'll include it here. South on 63 past Lane Springs until you see Lucas Garage on the right. Turn left on road 6050 (which is almost right across from Lucas Garage) then left again on Road 6040 (it's a gravel road and the only one off of 6050). Go approximately 1 mile until you see a Big Black Mailbox on the right (with 14976 on it, it's the first mailbox on the right) - turn here. Stay on this 'driveway' (Forest Road 1700), it's kinda sorta mowed, until you get to a sign on the right: "Posted - Private Road". Go down the hill and stop at the house - park anywhere you can. You can start riding whenever you want to - I'll most likely start around 6:30.
I am inviting anyone who wants to ride out to my farm for what I hope to be a regular Wednedsay night mt bike ride. I have the trails in pretty good shape with most of them mowed and weedwacked. There is an approximate 6 mile loop of mixed terrain - some of it kind and gentle and some pretty challenging stuff. I plan on starting the rides around 6 to 6:30, but the trails are marked and hopefully it'll be easy to follow without a guide.

Tom Magruder
(573) 596-0914 (0730-1630)
(573) 435-9387 (home)




Some Bicycle Ride Groups in the Rolla Area

As a bicyclist in the Rolla and Ft Wood area, you are invited to join up with one or more
of the local groups that ride on a regular basis. Riding together and sharing like interest can provide you with the motivation and enjoyment for which you are looking for: Bicycle excursions into fitness. Below are listed several of the established groups that ride frequently. You are invited to participate by making contact with the person listed or coming to the scheduled rides as shown


Scheduled Low to Intermediate Bicycle Rides

The Rats Planned rides are for those who ride more infrequently and who want to enjoy the scenery as it passes by. These rides are suitable for families, and have a coordinator and a ride leader. Bicyclists of all abilities are invited to join in the celebration of experiencing the joy and freedom found in pedaling your own bike. Many times lunch stops are included in the itinerary. Rides of varying distances are planned as shown below on the ride calendar. Dan Canfield canfield@rollanet.org



Competitive Rides

Here the riders are engaged in competition and training for it. These rides are usually in support of the triathlon preparation. Ride times can be on the weekend or during the week and are always coordinated by email. Many rides are in the 30-50 mile range and of high intensity. To get on the communication list contact Dennis Noel DNoel@rolla.K12.mo.us

Fourth Sunday Rides

The Rolla Area Touring Society supports the fund raising efforts of the American Diabetes Association by communicating and hosting several monthly bicycle rides in preperation of the Tour of the Ozarks in September. These rides begin at 20 miles and are as long as 47 miles. Usual support includes a vehicle on the course. These rides are planned well in advance and show on the ride calendar below. Contact Morgan Bearden mayflay@rollanet.org

Ride Calendar




Tour of the Ozarks

  • 4th Sunday rides in May, June, July, August
    Tour of the Ozarks in September
    Quad County Tour

  • Contacts:
  • Dan Canfield 341-3108 canfield@rollanet.org
  • Dan Stutts (mountain) 364-8967, stutts@umr.edu

  • ylrnd09.gif (138 bytes)                                            ylrnd09.gif (138 bytes)                                     ylrnd09.gif (138 bytes)
  • ***Directions to Mill Creek - From I-44, take exit #179 (Doolittle/Newburg - 5 miles west of Rolla).  Follow Highway T south, through the town of Newburg.   After crossing the railroad tracks and Little Piney Creek, immediately turn right onto Highway P and travel about 3 miles to County Road 7550.  Turn left and travel about 2 miles until you come to the picnic area.
  • ***Directions to Davidson Fitness Center at Fort  Wood
    1) From I-44 West take exit 161A (Fort Leonard Wood exit)
    2) Travel south on Missouri Avenue 2.4 miles to main gate
    3) Continue south, passing through two traffic lights
    4) Missouri Avenue turns into Constitution Avenue (continue south)
    5) At stop sign (T intersection) turn left onto South Dakota Avenue
    6) Turn right on first street (Battery).
    7) Davidson Fitness Center is on your left (6 miles from where you got off the freeway)
  • ***Directions to Brewer Science, Inc.
    From I-44 take exit #189. Drive north about 1/4 mile to Hypoint Blvd on your right. Follow this road a short distance until it makes a sharp left turn. Brewer Science is on your right.
  • *** Directions to Cooking from Scratch****From Rolla, take I-44 west to exit 179, turn left, go across bridge, you should see the restaurant on the left. From Fort Leonard Wood, go east on I 44 to exit 179, turn right, you should see the restaurant on the left.
  • Bicycle.gif (2218 bytes)

    Do you have a favorite ride
    you would like to share with the group? E-mail Dick or call him at (573) 368-3001
    and he will work on scheduling it. Thanks!




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