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RATS Ride Journal

OCTOBER 11, 1998
Five bikers rode from St. James to Cuba and back. Gorgeous country roads. About 32 miles. Flat roads with some rolling hills.

OCTOBER 18, 1998
Ten bikers rode the KATY trail, from McBaine to Rocheport. Bright fall colors. About 20 miles of flat riding.

OCTOBER 25, 1998
Eighteen bikers rode a ten mile loop at Fort Leonard Wood. Nice scenery along the river. Rolling terrain, except for one killer hill.

NOVEMBER 1, 1998
Eight bikers returned to the KATY trail, this time from Jefferson City to Hartsburg and back. Caught the tail end of the pretty fall colors.

NOVEMBER 8, 1998
Nine bikers braved the cold weather and rode from Buehler Park to Arlington and back. A lunch stop at Cookin’ From Scratch revived us for the final stretch home.

NOVEMBER 15, 1998
Thirteen bikers rode from St. James to Cuba and back, for a total of 29 miles. We took a 30 minute lunch break in Cuba.

NOVEMBER 22, 1998
Thirteen hardy souls bucked the headwinds of Fort Leonard Wood for a total of 19 miles. A visit to the PX foodcourt (Starbuck Coffee and Baskin Robbins ice cream in particular) sufficiently revived the riders.

NOVEMBER 22, 1998
A group of bikers enjoyed a 45 mile ride. Despite the wind they averaged 17.5 MPH.

NOVEMBER 29, 1998
Ten of us enjoyed a guided tour of the Mizzou campus in Columbia during a 20 mile MKT trail ride. Our fun-loving guides were David and Caryn from the Jefferson City Cycling Club. Lunch at The St. Louis Bread Company refueled us for the ride back.

DECEMBER 6, 1998
Nineteen enthusiastic riders took to the trails of Mill Creek. Two hours later they were standing around the campfire, covered with mud, enjoying hotdogs and smores and chili made with venison (compliments of the Frey family). Check out the pictures on our "Past Events" section.

DECEMBER 6, 1998
Four racer RATS sprinted from Rolla to Arlington and back.

DECEMBER 13, 1998
Thirteen warmblooded RATS braved the cold on a 20 mile ride from Rolla to St. James and back.

There were a number of small group rides throughout the month, including a night Christmas light ride.

JANUARY 17, 1999
After being snow-bound for several weeks, 6 desperate RATS ventured out for a 10 mile ride at Fort Leonard Wood. Three flat tires later, these rain-soaked RATS huddled around steaming cups of coffee at the PX food court.

JANUARY 24, 1999
Nine riders enjoyed a sunny ride in the countryside between Rolla and St. James.

FEBRUARY 14, 1999
Four riders traveled from St. James to Cuba and back.

FEBRUARY 21, 1999
Three cold RATS travelled 10 miles in below freezing conditions on Ft. Leonard Wood.   Wiser RATS stayed home.

FEBRUARY 28, 1999
The sunshine brought 11 RATS out of the woodwork to bike from Rolla to St. James.   The wind on the return trip added an extra challenge.

March 28, 1999
The lure of a campfire, plus mud to ride in, lured 12 riders out to Mill Creek.   There were streams to ford, rocks to negotiate, limbs to duck under and 5 pounds of mud per tire.

April 25, 1999
Five of us joined with The Touring Cyclist group from St. Louis and enjoyed a gorgeous ride through the FLAT country north of St. Peters.  We crossed two rivers on ferry boats.

May 23, 1999
We found a new route today, riding from Buehler Park to Newburg.  Gorgeous 20 mile ride for 8 bikers.





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