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Dog Bites RAT

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    It was a perfect day for a bike ride this fine Saturday morning, August 19, and we had a great turnout of about 16 friendly riders. The temperature was just right. No wind. Almost no traffic on the road from Doolittle's "Cookin' From Scratch" restaurant, to Sugar Tree Road, to the end of the pavement of County Road 8490.

    It was a very pleasant and comfortable ride to the halfway point. After a little break we turned around and started back. But, danger was looking out for us. An unsuspecting RAT (who wishes to remain anonymous) suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her right thigh. The force almost threw her off her bike as the giant 160 pound white furry dog lunged and sunk his teeth through her shorts and into her leg. A couple other riders were chased, but not bitten.

    The attacked RAT was shaken, but bravely got back on her bike and rode several more miles. Janet rode on ahead, then came back and picked her up in the van. Dan and Betty called the sheriff's office. They sent out a deputy who got the facts from the bitten RAT and witnesses. She talked with the dog's owner who was very sorry and will ensure that the visit to the doctor is paid for. A friend accompanied the bitten RAT to the doctor. She received 3 stitches and antibiotics.

    The dog owner stated that the dog's shots were up to date. The dog owner would be glad to secure the dog for future bike rides if notified ahead of time. All the RATS regret this unprovoked attack and bite, and wish our fellow RAT a speedy recovery. Thanks to all who helped make sure that the attacked and bitten RAT was properly taken care of. We hope to publish tips for defending ourselves from dog attacks as soon as possible to help prevent future bites.

Submitted by John Buckwalter

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