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July 7th, 2001

Rolla to St James



We started at 9AM from the Brewer Science parking lot.
There were 7 of us, all questioning what was obviously going
to be hot weather with a headwind for the ride back from St.
James. Being brave souls (and knowing we only had about 16
miles planned, we decided to unload our bikes and set forth

. Dick Elgin and I took advantage of the tail wind and set a pretty
good pace for the beginning of the ride while we talked about Bob
Peterson's cross country experience. We were hoping to see
Bob and view some of the pictures we understand he sent
home. We stopped to regroup after about 6 miles discovered
that most of us were getting pretty warm. We weren't sure how hot it was,
but we were sure this was the hottest day we had ridden so far.

We decided to ride on in to St. James and stop at McDonalds
for a much needed respite. Dick Elgin had already left the
group to visit some people in St. James (an arrangement he
made before the ride started). Most of us continued back to
Brewer. Then we found why we had made such good time riding
TO St. James. We were riding directly into a stiff
headwind. One more break for fluid replacement and we
continued our climb into a headwindup the final hill to Brewer Science.
I think we were allglad to see the cars and get headed back into some

This should be a good tuneup for the Ride to the River next
weekend which usually has the luxery of available rest stops
and plenty of support. We are hoping we will have a cooler
day with a little cloud cover (hopefully no rain though).

John and Terry

Break Time

Dick at the Finish

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