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Katy Trail

Saturday July 1, Dutzow to Weldon Springs

This makes two weekends in a row with 36 mile rides. This
one was from Dutzow to Weldon Springs on the Katy Trail. I
think this was the biggest ride of the year with 15 riders.
We may have had our two youngest riders with Bud Driber's
son and Jamie Krizanich. They did FANTASTIC and completed
the ride. We started at Beuhler Park at 7AM (7am in the
park.jpg) where about half of us met. The rest met us at
Dutzow about 8:30 (getting started.jpg, bud and son at
dutzow.jpg). We got started with a nice cool morning on the
shady side of the bluff (wave.jpg). As we went further, the
temperature started to increase and we took fairly frequent
stops at opportune spots (rest in the shade.jpg). After a
while the buzzard started to watch me again (another
mascot.jpg), but this time earlier than most.

We arrived in Weldon Springs in good time in spite of
stopping at the bike shops for Dick to look around and say
hello to his fellow shop owners. We met some very nice
people (a pastor and his wife) who are taking a vacation to
spend a week riding the entire Katy Trail (weldon
springs). We were all getting hungry so we decided to
stop at the first handy spot on the way back. We found an
interesting little place at Defiance that didn't have much
of a menu, but at least there was shade to sit in (lunch at

Some of us made a fairly slow ride back from here since it
was getting pretty hot, but that did not detract from the
beauty we found all along the trail that kept us looking
forward to the next leg of our ride(let's go again.jpg).
Our young riders kept their families moving along at a good
pace (on the trail.jpg, young rat on the move.jpg). We all
had a good time on the trip (having fu), but were ready
to see it end (gary and family after 36 miles small).
We all met back at Dutzow and most of us stopped at an
excellent ice cream (they even had sugar free ice cream and
chocolate sauce) shop in Washington. Hope to see everyone
out next weekend, and don't forget the week after is the
annual Ride to the River.


7 Am In the Park



Bud and Son at Dutzow


Getting Started


On the Trail


Doing the Wave


Having Fun


Lunch at Defiance


Let's go Again

Rest in the Shade

Young Rat on the Move



Weldon Springs

Will we glow in the dark if we drink the water here!!


Gary and Famliy after 36 Miles



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