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The Annual Ride to Fort Leonard Wood was not extensively
attended, but successfully attended. We had four riders
show up that were enthusiastic about the 30 mile ride with
the big Hwy P hill in the middle. We even had two of the
fairer sex ready to challenge each other (shootout
2851.jpg). The riders for this great ride were Janet,
Laurie, Dick F. and me (Dan).

The work for the ride started at 10 with Janet, Dick, and I
driving a van and truck/trailer to the back gate of Fort
Leonard Wood (we couldn't end at the campground as usual due
to security measures) that we would use for the return. We
returned to Rolla in Janet's van and picked up our bikes.
We met the rest of the riders (Laurie) at Beuhler Park. We
started right at noon and it was a little cool (somewhere
around 50) but we dressed for it


Laurie said she had never been on a 30 mile bike ride
before. Those of us that rode with her in St. Louis didn't
think she would have a problem with this ride, and we were
right. She passed me like I was sitting still on the first
of the ride's steeper hills on the outer road a few miles
out of Rolla. She had a big smile on her face at the bottom
of the hill as we came into Newburg and was ready to head for the next hill.

We hit the "big" hill after we turned onto Hwy P and passed the Mill Creak entrance. It is always a relief to reach the top. There were still some of the brighter colors but mostly the darker browns of late fall in the forest along the hill. After a brief stop at the top we headed for the flat land (well, almost
flat) over to the intersection with J. We found some spots
of a little brighter early fall colors along this section



and decided on a photo op for some of
us. Fortunately for us we caught Janet stepping into the
ditch in the photo.

After the ride down the big hill on Hwy J we rode through
the bottom land and came to one of Janet's favorite bridges
(she says it is a place she can "think"). So, I got to take
some more pictures

At this point we were near the end of the ride and the rest of us went ahead while
Dick stayed back a few minutes to pester the horses that
were watching us on the bridge. When I finished at the
truck, I saw Laurie continue on by. She wanted to say she
had ridden all the way to the back gate. But when she came
back, she just turned around and went back again.

She said she had come to ride 30 miles andwe were a little short. So,
she rode across the bridge a couple more times to get her odometer up to 30 miles.
Now she can tell the school kids that she made it the whole 30

We loaded up the bikes on the trailer and headed back to the
park. Everybody agreed it was a great day to ride bikes and
we will certainly do this again. It's a shame there weren't
more RATS taking advantage of this great tradition.


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