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Rolla Area Touring Society, LLC
Annual Business Meeting
December 6, 1999

Members present: John & Janet Buckwalter, Fikret & Nuran Ercal, Bob Peterson, Sharon Jones, Greg Harris, Robin Housden, Roy Jacobs, Dick Fonner, Morgan Bearden, Jim Davison, Chuck DeWitt, and Dan Canfield

I. Recognition of Executive Board and their contributions
    A. Jim Davison - breakfast rides
    B. Dan Canfield - donation of trailer, made ride            schedule, kept financial records
    C. John Buckwalter - created website, provided
         shuttle for KATY trail ride
    D. Dick Fonner - planned weekly rides, roadside           mechanic
    E. Morgan Bearden - 4th Sunday rides, Tour of the

II. Recognition of business contributions
    A. Route 66 Bicycles - start up cost donation (plus           advertisement and support)
    B. Brewer Science, Inc. - funds provided for our
    C. Kent Robinson - donation of legal assistance

III. Treasure report (Dan Canfield)
    A. Balance of $301
    B. Spreadsheet made available to show each                transaction

IV. Officers chosen for 2000
    A. Janet Buckwalter - President
    B. Dick Fonner - Vice President & Ride Organizer
    C. Dan Canfield - Treasurer
    D. John Buckwalter - Secretary
    E. Morgan Bearden - Member at large

V. Bylaw changes
   A.  Addition of "LLC" to our club name.  Since adopting           our original bylaws, we have become a limited          liability company.
   B.  "The club shall meet quarterly" was removed.            Bylaws now state that we shall have an annual           business meeting the first Monday of December            and a season planning meeting in March.
    C. We removed "the president insures that the             corporation’s annual report is filed with the             Secretary of State each July" because it is no             longer required.

VI. Budget for 2000
    A. Will renew membership with League of American          Bicyclists ($45) and Missouri Bicycle Federation ($30)
    B. Will renew liability insurance with American             Specialty Liability Insurance ($50)
    C. Printing and mailing costs ($25)
    D. Minimum operating costs for 2000 will be $150
    E. Membership fees will remain the same: Family -           $15; Individual -$10; Student - $5

VII. State of the Union
    A. 83 members
    B. Modified and paid for bike trailer
    C. Club t-shirts
    D. Brochures
    E. Community involvement (breakfast rides, Ride to           the River, Tour of the Ozarks)
    F. Weekly rides in many parts of the community, as           well as the KATY trail

VIII. Agenda for 2000
    A. Continue breakfast rides in the spring
    B. Arrange another KATY trail ride
    C. Assist with community bike rides
    D. Weekly club rides
    E. Annual ride from Rolla to Fort Leonard Wood

IX. Possibilities for 2000
    A. Ride part or all of Cycle Across Missouri Parks (June           18-24). Starts in Columbia.
    B. Encourage participation in all or part of Bike South           2000 (6 local bikers signed up)
    C. Work with city council to create bike paths/lanes
    D. Help with a bike rodeo in May (teaching bike           safety to children

X. Member involvement
    A. Sharon Jones will organize a 3 day KATY trail ride
    B. Morgan Bearden will be a contact person with the           city council
    C. John Buckwalter will assist with the Fort Leonard           Wood bike rodeo
    D. Janet Buckwalter will find out about a bike rodeo            in Rolla

XI. Miscellaneous discussion
    A. Need for a sub-group in the Fort Leonard Wood           area
    B. Need to consider the temperature when planning
    C. Plan rides several months in advance so we can           advertise to other clubs

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