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RATS Meeting Minutes

-12 members present (hospital at Fort Leonard Wood)

-RATS now has 58 members

-1998/99 budget report
  Limited liability company filing fee - $105
  League of American Bicyclist membership - $70     (for 2 years)
  American Specialty liability insurance - $50
  Missouri Bicycle Federation membership - $30
  Brochures (400 copies) - $50
  Printing - $35
  Meeting room rental fee - $25
  Check fee - $12
  Total operating costs = $377

*** $355 collected in dues
***$255 donations
***Total income = $610

  Club balance = $233

-Scott Kirkby (treasurer) reported that member Jim Davison paid the filing fee for LLC for the club.

-Member Terry Brewer donated $50 to pay for club brochures. Morgan Bearden is designing the brochure.

-Mention of the legal services provided by member Kent Robinson. The club now has limited liability company status.

-April and May ride lists were passed out. A big thank you to Dan Canfield.

-Plans to ride the entire KATY trail are still being developed. There weren’t enough early sign-ups to secure shuttle service so we are working on an alternate method of transporting riders. Information will be made available on the website as soon as available.

-Tour of the Ozarks will be in September. There will be 4 rides prior to the event to prepare riders.

-Several members expressed interest in riding the 7 day, 400 mile Cycle Across Missouri Parks ride in late June. Information was dispensed.

-Next week’s club ride will be at Mill Creek at noon. Bring food to share.

-Orders were taken for club t-shirts. $10 for cotton blend and $12 for 100% cotton. Prepaid orders must be received by March 31st.


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