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First ever RATS meeting

I. Dues
A. Expenses: food, paper, ink, stamps, insurance, LAB membership
B. $15 family; $10 individual; $5 student
C. May be increased if needed later

II. Leaders chosen
A. Janet Buckwalter - president
B. John Buckwalter - secretary
C. Scott Kirkby - treasurer
D. Dick Fonner - ride organizer
E. Katelin Grover & Lindsey Winterton - social chair

III. Announcements
A. Morgan Bearden - Report on last years American Diabetes Association fund raiser ride. Made request for help for next years ride on September 18. Volunteers needed to pick up food, deliver chairs and table to rest stops, deliver drinks and snack to rest stops, return borrowed coolers and banners, ideas needed, ADA sponsors needed.
B. Next meeting on Monday, January 11 at 7:00 at Jim Davison’s home.
C. Next ride on Sunday, December 6 at Mill Creek at 11:30. Road bikers can ride from Buehler Park to Mill Creek to join the group.

IV. Ideas
A. Organize a spring kick off ride
B. Use Route 66 Bicycles as a RATS information resource

V. Introductions (why do you bike?)
A. Katelin Grover - for fun, wants to start mountain biking
B. Lindsey Winterton - leisure biking, wants to start mountain biking
C. Don Ratzlaff - long time biker, any type of biking
D. Sharon Jones - social and fitness reasons
E. Scott Kirkby - leisure road riding, interested in mountain biking
F. Nuren, Fikret and John Ercal - leisure, fun and fitness
G. Dick Fonner - leisure, fun to involve eating with a ride
H. Clayton Read - leisure, especially enjoys KATY trail
I. Jim Davison - road, racing, touring, commuting
J. Paul Adair - will ride anything that has wheels, anywhere
K. Dick DuBroff - new to biking, enjoys the RATS rides
L. Jef Jerde - leisure, group rides, road or mountain
M. Joe O’Callahan - road or mountain, rides for exercise and just to get out
N. Ali O’Callahan - leisure
O. Dick Elgin - road, enjoys touring the world by bike
P. Michael Starbuck - recreational, has ridden at the South Pole
Q. Morgan Bearden - used to do long distance rides, ultra marathons
R. John Buckwalter - leisure, touring
S. Janet Buckwalter - anything that involves biking, friends and food


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