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RATS Bylaws

The name of the club shall be the Rolla Area Touring Society, LLC, herein after referred to as RATS.

ARTICLE II - Purpose
a) To engage in recreational cycling
b) To promote the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists
c) To educate the public of the value of cycling
d) To further understanding of bicycle safety

ARTICLE III - Membership and Dues
a) Membership is open to all people interested in bicycling, and who pay the annual dues.
b) A family membership shall consist of a household of no more than 2 adults, and children under 18 years of age.
c) Business memberships are available in return for designated benefits as determined by RATS.
d) Dues shall be reviewed annually by the Board. Any recommendation for change shall be presented to the membership for approval.
e) Dues shall be renewed annually on January 1. After July 1st dues shall be half-priced.
f) A member may be expelled for any cause deemed against the interest of RATS by a vote of the Board. Prior to any expulsion a three member investigating committee shall be appointed by the President. Written notice including the charges, and findings of the committee shall be delivered in person or by registered mail to the member concerned.

ARTICLE IV - Meetings
a) The annual business meeting shall be held on the first Monday of December, during which new officers shall be elected to assume their duties the following January 1st.
b)  A meeting shall be held during March to make plans for the upcoming biking season.
c)  There shall be a mandatory joint meeting of the old and new executive board prior to February 1st.
d) Board meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the President or a simple majority of the Board, and are open to all members. Only Board members may vote.
e) Meeting procedures shall follow Robert's Rules of Order; however, departures from such Rules shall not invalidate any actions.

ARTICLE V - Voting
a) At Board meetings, four members shall constitute a quorum.
b) Motions may be passed by a simple majority of members present at a general meeting.
c) Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance at a general meeting.
d) In a family membership, only adults are allowed to vote.

ARTICLE VI - Leadership
a) The officers of the club shall be the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.  The Officers, Membership Person, Road Representative, Off-road Representative, Fort Leonard Wood Representative and Past-President shall constitute the Executive Board.They shall serve for a term of one year, beginning on January 1st.
b) An officer may be removed for good cause upon a vote of two-thirds of the membership
c) Whenever a vacancy occurs in any elected office other than that of President, the President shall appoint a member of the club to fill the office for the remainder of the term.

ARTICLE VII - Duties of Officers
a) President: presides over club meetings; presides as Chair at the Board of Director meetings; appoints, as necessary, special committees and Chairs; sees that all leadership positions are filled; builds and follows an agenda at each general, special or Board meeting; serves as the club contact person for members, potential members, and other organizations; insures the reservation of a meeting place for general meetings; oversees the collection of mail; appoints someone to maintain the official membership list; and causes an annual budget to be created.
b) Vice President: acts as an assistant to the President and presides in the absence of the President; presides in the permanent absence of the President until the next election; and keeps the President informed.  This person shall also be the ride organizer.
c) Secretary/Treasurer: collects all monies and dues to deposit in the club bank account; maintains financial records; supplies a financial report at each general meeting; disburses funds as approved by the Board of Directors; attains the signature of at least one other Board member on the bank signature cards in addition to the treasurer’s for every check written; provides a written annual financial report of receipts, disbursements and balances on hand at the annual business meeting; and receives approval from the President prior to writing checks for unbudgeted items over $50;  takes minutes of the general and Board of Directors’ meetings; provides a copy of the minutes to the membership; maintains a copy of the Bylaws; maintains copies of current correspondence.

The Board shall draft and approve an annual budget. This shall be presented to the membership for approval.

ARTICLE IX - Indemnification
All Officers, or other appointed/elected persons of the Club, their heirs, executors and administrators shall be indemnified by the Club against all expenses or liability reasonably incurred by or imposed on them in connection with any action suit, proceeding or claim to which they may be made a party or become involved by reason of an act of omissions or commission of their duties. Such indemnification shall not apply if a person is determined to have been guilty of wilful misfeasance in the performance of this duty. The Board shall ensure that liability insurance is maintained for the club.

ARTICLE X - Bylaw Amendments
a) An Executive Board member may initiate a proposal to amend the bylaws. If a majority concur, the proposal will be submitted to the membership for approval.
(b) Any member may initiate a proposal to amend the bylaws and submit it to the Board for approval. If it is approved by the Board, it will be submitted to the membership for approval by vote.
(c) If a proposal is submitted to the Board and is not approved, the member who initiated it may circulate a petition among the members asking that the proposal be submitted to the membership for vote. If signatures of 25% of the members eligible to vote are obtained, the proposal to amend must be submitted to the membership for their vote.
d) The membership shall be notified ahead of time before a vote on a bylaw amendment.
e) At the meeting designated for voting on the proposed amendment, time will be allowed for discussion of the proposal. A two-thirds majority of those present is required for approval.

ARTICLE XI - Dissolution
In case of dissolution, a two-thirds vote of the members present at a general meeting is required to decide to dissolve. The Board, after paying all debts, shall distribute the assets of the corporation to organizations which have the purpose of promoting bicycling. No club funds may be paid to club members or private persons except as reasonable compensation for services rendered.

ARTICLE XII - Regulations
All cyclists must wear ANSI or Snell approved helmets on club rides.


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