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Ride to the River

Finally, the day many of us have waited a year for, we
gathered for the 7th ride to the river. We started
gathering at 7AM for registration and getting all the last
minute mechanical adjustments made for everyone. I think
almost every biker in the territory was there and some from
outside the territory. Terry Brewer (sponsor Brewer
Science) was there welcoming bikers while he and the support
staff worked very hard to get everything moving at once. Dick Fonner
(sponsor Route 66 Bicycles) was helping everyone with airing up
tires, helping with adjustments, and getting the SAG
vehicles coordinated. The registration desk was run very
efficiently and people spent more time by far visiting with
biking friends than filling out paper (registration.jpg and
beginning of ride.jpg and fonner and registration.jpg).
Many friends were getting coordinated to ride together
and putting on sunscreen.

The ride kicked off just a few minutes after 8 with everyone
moving well down the long hill on the North outer road.
Then it set in that there were a few uphills on the "ride TO
the river". It was nice to have support in the form of rest
stops along the way. Many groups of riders formed with some
family units riding together, the largestof which had 15 members
in 3 generations. There was atleast one tandem bike that I remember
seeing last year as well. The latest count that I heard was 150+ bikes and
riders. What an excellent turnout. No doubt fueled by the
great weather.

Everyone met together at the campground at Arlington after
the final downhill (I for one reached speeds of 40+ MPH on
the last downhill). Our sponsors had a great table laid out
for us with bananas, sports drinks, cookies, etc. There
were also many prizes with special prizes for oldest and
youngest riders, largest family group, and the rider that
came the farthest (sorry, I don't know the winners). There
were also MANY door prizes from many area businesses and the
sponsors. At Arlington there were bikers and
bikes everywhere before some of the heartier souls started
riding back (arlington bikes everywhere.jpg and
arlington.jpg). For the riders that took the transportation
option back to Rolla, there were deluxe accommodations for
both the bikes and the riders (return services.jpg).

The rest stops were even more welcome on the return trip.
The weather got a little warmer later in the morning, but
was still EXCELLENT for this time of the year. As usual,
several people were pushing their bikes up the Arlington
hill. I think this puts some of us to sleep and we think
the hard part of the ride is over early on the return trip.
But, many of us forget the long uphill that was so much fun
in the other direction just as we left Rolla. We did finish
the entire ride with nobody to much worse for the wear
except some finished with some strange malady (ride

There were many RATS on this ride even though it is not an
official RATS function. We would all (I am sure) like to
express our deep appreciation to Brewer Science and Route 66
Bicycles for one of the most enjoyable and well run bike
functions of the year (and has been for 7 years running)





Dick Fonner at Registration





Sharon and Friend




Everyone Relaxing in Arlington


Get on the Bus Gus

A Frosty Cool Beverage

I am so cool in these sunglasses here, check out the leg lifts...


The Awards Assembly

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