DEATH INDEX 1975-1977


This index of names of decedents was extracted from the (paid) Funeral Notices, Burial Permits listings, obituaries and news articles, in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

This is a work in progress. At present, only the first half of the year 1977 is covered herein. Entries for 1977 include age at death, where avaialable.

Funeral Notices usually include the date of death; names of spouses, children, and parents; place of the funeral; and place of interment. In a few instances, depending mainly on the funeral home, the age is included, but ages are unduly rare in funeral notices in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. In this index, funeral notices are indicated by $.

Obituary articles usually include detail about a person, including occupation, brief biography, relatives, etc. News articles tell of the causes of (usually violent) deaths and thus provide family history information and may relate to family health history. Obituary and news articles are identified in the indexes for 1975 and 1976 by #. For 1977, however, news articles are distinguished by the symbol +; obtiuaries are marked #.

A Burial Permit entry includes the name, and (usually) age and address of the deceased. In some instances, one can learn a decedent's middle initial from the burial permit entries. Lists of burial permits were not published daily in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, but appear to be groupings that cover several days or weeks; most are not alphabetized. Some groups of permit listings appear to be duplicates. Burial permits are identified in this index by *.

Funeral notices are indexed herein for the first date that notice of a funeral appeared in the newspaper, not the date of the death. Funeral Notice entries are usually made herein only once, i.e., subsequent funeral notices for the same decedent are not included. Users are advised to check later issues of the Post-Dispatch for up-dated funeral notices, some of which include corrections and/or additional data. News article and obit entries are not always limited herein to the first publication date.

Some entries herein are combined from different newspaper items for the same decedent; spelling preference is given to later entries.

Microfilms of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for 1975 to 1977 include some repeated section designations (for various editions); thus, for example, there may be more than one page 4C for a given date. Further, a few newspaper sections were not filmed in alphabetical order.

Sincere thanks are extended to the library of the University of Missouri-Rolla for
a) having collected the microfilms, and
b) accommodating very many day-long sessions on the reader.

These data for 1975 to 1977 were collected (on an antique Radio Shack TRS-80 computer!) by Robert M. Doerr, since 1992 Editor of the Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal.

Please see the Missouri State Genealogical Association website and especially the Journal links therein.

The source files for this index, in chronological sequence and ready for proofreading, are hereby offered to, and, indeed pressed upon, the St. Louis Public Library for inclusion in their on-line Post-Dispatch funeral notices index, with any attribution, or none.

Users are urged to please communicate all omissions, discrepancies and/or other needed corrections to Robert M. Doerr.

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Users are urged to communicate all omissions and/or needed corrections
to Robert M. Doerr.

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