The Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal (ISSN 0747-5667) is a quarterly of 64 pages per issue, indexed in PERiodical Source Index (PERSI), catalogued in Ulrich's, and is part of the permanent genealogical literature.

The Journal always seeks good articles, including Bible records, church records, family records, historical articles, educational articles (including case studies and 'how-to' articles), cemetery records, tombstone inscriptions, county records, military records, census indexes, funeral-home records, newspaper indexes, newspaper abstracts, school records (especially 1880-1900), organization records, success stories, and other records of value to Missouri genealogists. Tabular and narrative articles, and ones that are in-between, are sought. Illustrations or other art work that pertain to the article(s) are particularly welcome.

Of special value are articles that concern data relevant to the state as a whole (for example, naturalizations by the Missouri Supreme Court) or to large segments of the State. MoSGA prefers not to compete with local genealogical and historical societies for publishable materials; however, it is recognized that many of the records mentioned are highly local.

Articles of lengths from one to 12 pages (rarely longer) are desired. Articles longer than about three pages are serialized into two to four parts.

The MoSGA Journal seeks also to republish high-quality articles from the newsletters of local genealogical and historical societies that, for one reason or another, do not publish permanent literature (usually a quarterly indexed in PERSI and having an ISSN.) The Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal can provide not only permanence for compilations of data and other articles, but also wider readership of the articles, and publicity for the local societies whose articles are so re-published. It is highly unlikely that more than one article from any local society can be published in any one year.

One need not be a member of the Association, or a genealogist, to have articles published in the Journal.

The pay is great! Non-member authors or submitters are sent a copy of each issue of the Journal in which their work appears.

Submissions by e-mail are encouraged, but, if there is any question as to layout, it is usually better to supply also a copy in .rtf or .doc format, or on paper. Please do not use the word processor's footnoting or end-noting feature; instead, insert reference marks underscored and in parentheses, as, for example, (3) and then attach the same mark to the relevant note at the end. Why? We use end-notes and they fall to the back of the issue instead to the bottom of the article! Articles should be sent to MoSGA Journal Editor, POB 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail the Editor for details or if you have any ideas for articles, or to submit suggestions or criticisms, or to discuss St. Louis or German genealogical research.

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Bob Doerr edits, and researches and writes much of, the quarterly
Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal.
In 2006 he is serving his fourteenth year as its Editor.

You can view the Tables of Contents for the Journal:

Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal TABLE OF CONTENTS 1981-PRESENT

You can view a surname index to the Journal from 1981 onward:

Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal SURNAME INDEX


This is an effort to match the need for volunteers with the desire of some folks to volunteer. A common problem is that about half the members of any genealogical society live remote from the Society's 'home base', if, indeed there is a home base.

Needs for volunteers vary from society to society, but a common need is for indexing, transcription and extraction of data from various sources, typically from microfilm.

In some instances, an index or collection of extracts will constitute material for publication in a periodical, such as the Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal, but transcription of a large source, say a major part of a microfilm, will probably lead to publication in book form and/or to posting on the world-wide web.

The work of volunteers can be facilitated by such means as providing portable microfilm readers, laptop computers, and microfilms, some of which a society, but not an individual, are allowed to purchase or rent. Ideally, volunteers would have small, easily portable units that consist of a film carrier, light, lens and detector; the unit would be plugged into a computer on which the image would be displayed and/or collected and from which film movement would be controlled. See Microfilm Digitizer

At the 1999 FGS meeting in St. Louis, a speaker stated that volunteers deserve training. Certainly training is appropriate when needed to assure that a job is done correctly and to avoid waste of volunteer's time; RULE 1 is to avoid waste of volunteers' time. Depending on the skills of a volunteer, training may be necessary to explain precisely what is needed, how to read old script, how to interpret old abbreviations, how data is to be entered, etc.

Most volunteers probably prefer to work on materials that may perhaps contain data relevant to their own families. Therefore, it is usually best if the volunteer chooses the material to be processed.


Why Join MoSGA?

Individuals involved in genealogy must utilize the resources available in order to enhance their research endeavors. If you have ancestors who participated in the history of Missouri, membership in the Missouri State Genealogical Association (MoSGA) will be of benefit. As the representative of the State Society of Missouri, the Board of Directors of MoSGA strives to offer the highest quality of education, guidance and services to our members. Examples follow:

CEMETERY BILL: MoSGA actively promoted the state law passed in 1987 for the protection of unincorporated and uncared-for cemeteries. Board members testified at Committee hearings and will continue to support legislation on subjects of historical and genealogical significance.

CONFERENCES: MoSGA sponsors an annual two-day conference, usually in central Missouri. Conference sessions offer research techniques, methodology and sources, plus guidance for genealogical society management.

LOCAL RECORDS PRESERVATION: A program has been developed by the Office of the Secretary of State for identifying the holdings of county officials and determining methods of preserving those records used by historical and genealogical researchers. MoSGA initiated support for this program by conducting hands-on workshops for records preservation; cooperating with the task force that conducted the program survey; seeking organizations to accept records and keep them open for public access, supplying assistance and advice in completing the first phase.

FEDERATION OF GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES: As a member, MoSGA supports the mission of the Federation, which offers information and guidance on the concerns of historians and genealogists nationally. MoSGA's delegate represents the Association at the Federation's annual meeting and is eligible to vote and hold office in the Federation.

FOUR-GENERATION CHARTS: MoSGA members are encouraged to submit a four-generation chart. As accumulated, these charts are published in 200-page books and made available for purchase at minimal cost. This series of books offers a valuable source of surnames.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN PROGRAM: MoSGA acquires books by two means. Donated books are reviewed in MoSGA's quarterly. In consultation with the Mid-Continent Library, MoSGA also purchases many books. However acquired, books are placed in the Mid-Continent Library, North Independence Branch, in Independence, Mo. Through the interlibrary loan program, the books are available to the public at all public, college and university libraries, and many libraries have copies of the printed catalog, entitled Genealogy from the Heartland. The up-dated catalog is on line at Genealogy from the Heartland and book loans can be ordered by your library from Mid-Continent's ILL Department.

JOURNAL: MoSGA's official permanent-literature publication is the Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal, a 64- page quarterly that contains information from all areas of the State, articles of many kinds, including, but by no means limited to, Bible and church records, historical articles, educational articles, cemetery records, county records, and newspaper extracts. The Journal is indexed in PERSI and listed in Ulrichs.

NEWSLETTER: As part of its service to members, MoSGA publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled Show Me State Genealogical News. This includes activities of national and local societies, meeting dates, conferences, family reunions, etc.

PUBLICATIONS: MoSGA markets some of the county records compiled and published by Betty Harvey Williams and Jacqueline Hogan Williams. MoSGA has developed other publications, including a revised edition of Parkins Guide.

QUERIES: MoSGA members may submit queries for publication in the Journal. These are published as space permits, but, during the past five years, all have been published in one of the two issues following receipt. The Journal is placed in many major and minor libraries, thus offering extensive accessibility to other researchers.

SPEAKERS: Board members are available to share their expertise by providing sessions at local workshops or presenting programs at monthly meetings of local societies. Board members assist in presenting mini-workshops.

You are encouraged join MoSGA. Please send dues to MoSGA Membership-J, PO Box 833, Columbia MO 65205-0833, together with your name, full postal address, phone number, and e-mail address. You will receive an introductory "New Member Packet."

Type of MembershipAmountBenefits
Individual $20 per year Four Journal Issues, 4 Newsletters, one vote, one Annual Conference 20 percent discount.
Institution $20 per year For libraries, societies. Same as individual. The one vote and Conference discount can be assigned to a representative.
Contributing $40 per year Same as individual, plus a good feeling.
Patron $100 per year Same as contributing; plus 20 percent discount on publications [not to be re-sold].
Life $300 one time Same as individual; retains active membership status for the life of the member.

Those who join between 01 November and 31 December have the option to join for the year about to end, or for the up-coming year, thus providing the opportunity to post queries all year, and, for either choice, receive the four issues of the Journal for the year chosen.


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