Bob Doerr had one younger brother, Gene Doerr, widower, lived in Austin TX.
Gene retired from 1) US Air Force and 2) Texas State Gov't.
He did much volunteer work re preparation of income tax returns; he heads the AARP tax help program in the Austin area. e died in May, 2007.

Gene left five sons:

Steve, aerodynamicist, (wife, Lisa, registered nurse), Albuquerque NM
Mike, registered nurse, now working out of health care. Tom, architecht, (ex-wife Birgit) in Boulder CO.
Greg, CPA, (wife, Gaylene, buisnesslady), Austin TX
(They have a son, Adam, the only male Doerr in the younger generation, the only one to carry on my father's name.)
Jim, airport worker at Austin TX.

Vivian has two younger brothers and two younger sisters (identical twins):
Paul, retired from his own mortgage business, now a mobile-home wanderer (wife, Debra), TX.
Madelon, twin, Litchfield, IL, rarely reads e-mail.
Marcella, widow, twin, St. Louis County.

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