Woven Swedish Heart

This is the most recognized Swedish Christmas ornament, though Norwegians, Danish and Germans claim it as their own, as well. It's easy to make after a couple practice runs. Cut a fat strip of heavy paper, fold in half at the "waist". Cut a rounded top edge, then snip the folded end into strips (Fig. 1).

Cut a 2nd one from a different color paper. Open one of the pieces and lay the other one perpendicular. (Fig. 2). Now gently weave the strips together (Fig. 3). Play with it until you get a woven heart that could hold an object. Cut a strip to use as a handle and hanging loop. Sew it or glue it on. I made my heart from flannel. I ironed on fabric stabilizer (Wal Mart) to stiffen it. When completed, I sealed the fabric edges with No Fray or Fraycheck. You could also coat it with clear sealer (like you find in the craft paint section of the store), or even dip it quickly in hot wax. I just left mine uncoated. In Sweden these hearts are hung on the tree and hold little candies or coins.