Rose Angel Ornament Instructions

This was not my idea, and you can probably find better instructions elsewhere on the Internet, but here's how I did it. Using artificial roses that are neither tight buds nor fullblown, cut the stem off, leaving just enough wire to fit into a "head" bead. Put a drop of glue on the cut stem and stick on the head. Put another drop of glue at the hole on top of the head and insert a loop of gold cord or thread for a hanger. Glue on a snippet of curly doll hair, yarn, fiberfil, or other hair, making sure the hanger will be free to hang. Bend a small piece of glittery chenille wire for a halo and glue to her head. Then cut 2 leaves from the discarded stem and glue into place on the back, to serve as wings. Tie a tiny ribbon bow around her neck, and draw on a face with a fine-tipped indelible marker.