Meg Brady opened the meeting with updates on equipment and membership: 1. 12 modems are now online. Three more are installed and await phone lines. Six additional modems are on order. The modem server, donated by Cisco Systems, is on order.

2. The new server, donated by Phelps County Regional Medical Center, will be ordered this month.

3. Users were reminded that connections are limited to one per userid and 4 hours maximum connect time. Meg asked users to be considerate and to use connection time efficiently.

4. Charter Member Starter Software kits are now available at PC Technologies, Midwest Computing, and Computers Plus. Any other vendors interested in distributing software should contact RollaNet.

5. The Charter Membership drive will be extended to September 1st. Those attending were urged to join now and to encourage interested friends to join.

6. Fund-raising ideas are welcome and needed. Funding is needed for additional modems and to provide public access terminals (pars with windows capability required). It is important that RollaNet provide access for those people in the community who do not have their own computers.


1. Treasurer's Report - Arlene Pagano Arlene reported an ending balance of $3,171.03 as of July 6, 1995. Copies of the treasurers report were made available at the meeting.

2. System Support- Dan Uetrecht a. Statistics: >158 users last month >117 new charter members in June cover 32,000 e-mail messages in June - 3 times more than in May >Over 16,000 connect hours with 12 to 15 modems busy >top 10 users were announced - Arlene Pagano was the hands down winner!

b. Hospital Server:

The server, a HP 9000/715-100, donated by Phelps County Regional Center, is on order and expected this month. It will be 10 to 15 times faster than the machine currently being used. having 96 megabytes of memory and 5 gigabytes disc space.

c. RollaNet WWW Test Server RollaNet has a test seNer with the URL - It has a new format with new categories, including user and business directory and UMR campus directory

d. System Problems tacac problem - manifests itself as a hang while dialing in during authentication If you are using Trumpet, the log window will display: Username: XXXXXX Password: and then hang. the althenticator (tacacs) has died and no response will be returned. The problem should now correct itself within 5 minutes, so users should just retry their logins. If that doesn't work, call Arlene. password problem- If people need help, call Arlene.

3. User Support - John Luther Meg introduced John Luther as the new coordinator for User Support Committee. John said that he would like to facilitate having members help members. He will put together a list of people who will be available to assist others. The list will be on-line for easy access. John asked anyone who wants to help to contact him.

4. Review Committee- Randy Camahan Randy reported that the committee is still working on finding major sponsors.

The next meeting of RollaNet will be held on Friday, August 4, 1995, 5:30 pm. at the Phelps County Courthouse Multipurpose Room.