April 7th 1995 Minutes

A general meeting open to the public of RollaNet was held on April 7, 1995, at 5:30 PM in the Multi-purpose Room of the Phelps County Courthouse. The meeting was brought to order by Meg Brady, President.

The following announcements were made:

Committee reports followed, each committee chairman introducing himself:

Arlene Pagano submitted the Treasurer's Report and read two letters received via email; one from a former resident now living in Nova Scotia, and the other from a future resident presently residing in Colorado.

In lieu of the absence of Randy Carnahan, chairman of the Review Committee, Meg Brady announced the finalization of the User Agreement. It will be sent to all users before passwords are given.

Michael McKean, chairman of the Funding Committee, announced that grant applications were being written for matching funds from NTIIA and two other foundations.

The Marketing/PR chairman, Don Schackleford, submitted as specimen guidelines, timelines, and budgets from other Freenets and Network organizations. He noted that membership in NPTN is $2,500. For anyone interested he has available future meeting dates.

Dan Uetrecht, as chairman of the Technical/System Support Committee, reported that the server donated by Ben is now up and functioning, and the Uninterrupted Power Supply from Karl Lutzen. At present there are between 700 and 800 WWW browsers coming in per day. The user IDs can now be added. A database has been set up and Chris Clinton will be handling this. The software issue is still being evaluated.

The User Group Chairman, David Fannin, was not present for the meeting. Meg Brady announced that volunteers would be needed in this group to do some school training.

Janet McKean, as the liaison person with Libraries, noted that contributions of money and hardware would be important for the Public Library to be a public access station.

The next meeting date was set for May 5, 1995, at 5:30 PM in the Phelps County Courthouse Multipurpose Room.

Submit additions or corrections via email to apagano@rollanet.org. Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Pagano