General Meeting Minutes 3/10/95

A meeting of the RollaNet organization was held in the Computing Services Dept. of UMR on Friday, March 10, 1995, at 5:30 PM. Thirty persons were in attendance.

Meg Brady brought the meeting to order. She stressed the need for money at this time to make some purchases of equipment to arrive in early April and allow people who have presently contributed to be put on line. It was announced that Charter memberships - individuals contributing $100.00 - would be accepted through June 1995.

Arlene Pagano presented the treasurer's report. There is a balance on hand of $4,573.21 after submitting a filing fee of $465.00 to the IRS to obtain the 501c(3) tax-exempt designation. The minutes of the previous meeting are posted on the RollaNet Home Page.

The report from the Review Committee indicated that the hospital was considering a sizable contribution. Nancy Howard was present representing the facility. They also invited RollaNet to share their booth at the Home Expo. Contact is being made with Briggs and Stratton.

Joe Counsil of the Regional Professional Development Center, representing teachers of K through 12th, was introduced.

Also attending the meeting was Wilton Painter who chaired a meeting earlier in the week concerning Job Placement Information at which both Meg Brady and Arlene Pagano were in attendance to outline possibilities forfuture coordination through the RollaNet community network.

It was noted that demonstrations had been given to both Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs.

Mike McKean reported on his trip to Omaha for the TIIAP Outreach Workshop. He stressed that the greatest problems would be in documenting the need for RollaNet and achieving sufficient matching funds. While there he learned that the UM Extension is planning an access proposal in connection with their interactive TV education project in Poplar Bluff. In addition to the practical information gained at the meeting, it was announced that Congress is expected to rescind some part of the appropriated $64 million - perhaps as much as 50%. There is little expectation that there will be a continuation of the program next year. Don Shackelford noted that he would be in Washington on April 12th at the Department of Commerce and would do some scouting on our behalf at that time.

Dan Uetrecht announced that Ben Strehlman had volunteered the use of his computer as a server which will serve our needs for start-up. Work will be going on in the coming week and there will be some 'down' time. The bids are in for modems. It will take $6,000 to order what we will need to start. A Lease Option is being considered on the terminal server for startup. User software is still being looked at and there is a possibility that we may distribute some freeware.

Meg Brady announced that a letter of confirmation was sent to Vice Chancellor Gajda outlining the arrangement between UMR and RollaNet concerning the server, space, and unused phone lines. Chairman David Dearth will support the endeavor regarding the unused phone lines.

Janet McKean reported that the libraries will need equipment. It is hoped that there might be some donations of 386 computers. It will also be important to find an underwriter for the phone line to provide the public access. Janet noted that MoreNet is connecting the library. Susan Bates informed the assembly that all teachers will be online this year.

The next meeting will be held on April 7th in the multi-purpose room of the Phelps County Courthouse at 5:30 p.m.

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