General Meeting Minutes 2/10/95

A meeting of the RollaNet organization was held in the Computing Services Dept. of UMR on Friday, February 10, 1995, at 5:30 PM. Twenty-six persons were in attendance.

Meg Brady brought the meeting to order. The report from Arlene Pagano noted a balance in the RollaNet account of $3,255.00. Minutes of previous meetings are posted in the RollaNet Home Page.

Richard Altheide reported that much information was being collected and placed on the Home Page for local background. Ben Strehlmann has spent much time in accomplishing this. The names of the Charter members are now being posted. Steve Skelton received the "Welcome Newcomers" paper on disk from the Rolla Daily News which will be a great assist in having information accessible to put on line.

Mike McKean reported that he was working on the draft of a letter to send to foundations requesting assistance in reaching our goal. Forms and information should be arriving soon on the grant application through TIIAP. Karl Lutzen suggested the possibility of soliciting suppliers.

Don Shackleford presented drafts of a brochure, a Letter of Agreement, and a letter to potential providers. He requested input from other committees that these might be finalized and printed for use.

Dan Uetrecht reported on his progress in contacting and working with equipment suppliers. His present recommendation is to use third party providers and direct the public to dealers to purchase "Internet in a box". The cost to them would be $100 but with promotions, can usually be reduced to $50 or $60. It is estimated that our cost to redistribute software to the public domain would be about $70 per person. Purchasing modems is a high priority and along this line he is recommending MultiTech. The University has been using this supplier. They have an efficient system for the rack-mounting. The cost will be approximately $4,300. The supplier also provides the possibility of a lease option. Cisco will be used to provide the terminal server. It's cost is about $2800. They, too, provide a lease option of 2 to 3 years.

Contact with the hospital board by Randy Carnahan through Bill Stoltz was made and Bob Simms was present at the meeting. The members of PCRMC seem to be interested and plans will suggested that they also be solicited for 'seed' money. Randy reported that the 'User Agreement' is not done.

David Fannin introduced Trey Villines from the student Association of Management Systems. He currently mans the Help Desk at UMR and will have good input for our organization. He and David are putting together a trouble shooting sheet to guide others who will be helping out.

Phil Thompson noted that Fidelity Cable is interested in our project and a follow-up needs to occur here.

The next meeting was set for March 10th at 5:30 in the same location.

New persons in attendance at the meeting were introduced: Wilton Painter of Vocational Rehabilitation, Bob Simms from the PCRMC, Lisa Recupero from the UMR Library, and Chris Clinton, retired from the Bureau. Each indicated a desire to assist where needed.

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Arlene Pagano