General Meeting Minutes 1/20/95

There was a general meeting of the RollaNet organization on Friday , January 20, 1995, at 5:30 PM in Room 114 of Computing Services at UMR.

Introductions were made for new attendees: Randy Green and Eric Davault, who will be assisting on the Funding Committee, and Ann Wethington, who will be assisting Arlene Pagano.

A budget for the first year of operation, 1995, was presented by Meg Brady. Initial hardware costs were set at $49,510. No provision was made for labor costs. The budget is to be used by the Funding and Marketing Committees in their presentations. It was projected that possible labor costs for the future would be for a staff of: Project Director, Technician, and User Coordinator. Other needs can potentially be filled by volunteers.

It was noted that news coverage at RDN has been good and positive. There will be a Rolla Area Home and Business Expo on March 31, April 1 and 2 at the Bullman multipurpose Bldg. The cost to the RollaNet would be $100. Members are to consider the possibility of having a booth (which would require three days of volunteer presentations) and give some feedback on viability. A decision needs to be made in the next few days.

Randy Carnahan reported that the Review Committee was coming to some consensus on the message and mission of the RollaNet. The present priority is fund raising.

Phil Thompson reported that his initial meeting with Missouri Public Service went well and that there was interest shown. Corporate headquarters is to be contacted and there will then be some followup. A meeting has been set for Monday morning with United Telephone at which a presentation will be given, and also for Fidelity Cable. Robert Tucker of Fidelity Cable has shown definite interest in working with us. It was noted that the advertising is beginning to reach the numbers and is making a difference.

Funding Committee chairman Michael McKean, reported that he is exploring the Co-operative Development Foundations in Washington, DC for possible grant and seed money.

Don Shackelford presented the Business and Public Relations Committee Report emanating from the meeting held on Tuesday, January 17th, and expanded on by Don at the general meeting. The report, as other committee reports, will be posted under committee bulletin boards.

Richard Altheide reported that we would not be able to distribute software unless we become a reseller. He also noted that information on the Home Page is being moved, changed and updated. Comments are welcome.

Systems Chairman, Dan Uetrecht, noted that the sample Home Page would be used for the demos in solicitations. It was also requested that use of the server be limited during peek hours to provide better access for those working on the project. At present passwords cannot be changed without logging onto Telnet, which is to be discouraged. This is being worked on to facilitate access for making changes. If you submitted on listserve and did not get a reply, please resubmit.

Dave Fannin, chairman of the User Group, noted that there were 20 machines at RTI and it is possible that these will be on line by March. Dave noted that the student group in Management will be a good resource.

Janet McKean reported as the Library liaison that funding and equipment resources were important. Bill Mitchell, of Morenet, is to be contacted for possible support. Richard Altheide is very involved in the Missouri project to link libraries and will be a good source for us.

The next meeting of the RollaNet will be on February 10th at 5:30 PM in the same location.

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