General Meeting Notes 1/6/95

A meeting of the RollaNet organization was held in the Computing Services Dept. of UMR on Friday, January 6, 1995, at 5:30 PM. Nineteen persons were in attendance. Carl Hott, a new attendee who will be assisting in the marketing committee, was introduced.

Meg Brady and Dan Uetrecht gave a progress report on cost and availability of systems and modems. It may be possible for the organization to get a HP 9000 715/100 for about $20,000. Inquiries are also out for modems. Richard Altheide noted that it is imperative that modems be purchased as soon as possible.

It was noted by Dan Seifert that Eric Cramer of the RDN was very enthusiastic about our project and would be doing a weekly spot in the paper for us. Dan is sending copy to surrounding area papers. Don Shackelford handed out the start-up of a Business Plan to be used in marketing.

There was open discussion on the possibility of having Charter Memberships available for $100 and to start pushing this in publicity. Discussion continued on what RollaNet would provide free of cost and what might require an additional charge.

A form is to be designed that can be published for individuals to return with information that will be of assistance in contacting users in the future.

It has become apparent that the Funding and Marketing Committees must meet jointly to gain some quick infusion of capital. A time and date will be set by the Committee chairmen.

Richard Altheide reported that the Home Page is under construction. Ben Strehlman and Arlene Pagano are to assist is putting additional information out there for trial.

Phil Thompson reported that there was `no money' or grants of assistance from SW Bell. The telecommunity centers in SW Missouri territory.

To assist in communication among the committees a listserv has been set up.
Following is the procedure: Reaches all members Subscribe by sending a message to: In the body of the message print: sub announce YOUR NAME Additional lists have been set up for the various committee chairmen. They are:

The next meeting was scheduled for Friday, January 20, at 5:30 PM in the same location in the Computing Services department.
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