December 2, 1994 Meeting Minutes

(Taken from an email message from Arlene Pagano)

This message is to inform, confirm and update events of the last meeting of RollaNet on December 2nd, 1994. The main focus of the meeting was the organizational structure of the various committees and working groups needed to become operational. Following is a list of the committees with descriptions and chairmanships for access.

Funding: budgeting, solicitation of external funding, propose membership and funding structure, write proposals and applications for grants, private donations, in-kind gifts, etc. Chaired by Michael McKean: Co-workers will be Catherine Riordan:, and Karl Lutzen:

User Support: create userids/passwords, provide technical assistance to end-users via email (, via telephone, and in person, conduct training sessions, and write appropriate end-user instructional documentation, assist clients with installation and configuration. Chaired by David Fannin:, and Ben Strehlmann: Co-workers will be Scott Sorrell:; Steve Skelton:; and student organizations.

Info Scouts: find information providers and information, surf the net for examples of quality presentation of into, assist in getting info on-line. Chaired by Richard Altheide: Co-worker will be Steve Skelton:

Technical/System Support: hardware, OS, software, telecommunications, etc. for servers and clients, provide internal technical support for other working groups of RollaNet. Chaired by Dan Uetrecht: Co-workers will be Scott Sorrell:; David Fannin:; and Ben Strehlmann:

Review: provide quality standards and guidelines, review complaints and suggestions and make recommendations for action to Board of Directors, protect and prevent liability of RollaNet and its members, make recommendations to Board for contracts and agreements with users and organizational members. Perform liaison duties to libraries, schools, businesses, city and county. Chaired by Randy Carnahan: Co-workers will be Arlene Pagano:; Stephen Laub:; Phil Thompson:; and Richard Altheide:

Marketing/Public Relations: develop community relations, make presentations, interface with media (press releases, advertising), protect the interest of RollaNet and its charter members. Chaired by Don and Rexanna Shackelford: 1-800-771-6262. Co-workers will be Dan Seifert:; Phil Thompson:; and Linda Carr:

Focus Groups: separate units with particular specialties needed to work in areas where the info and expertise will be used by various committees.

If additions or corrections need to be made to the above info, please contact me at:

Meg will assign RollaNet addresses for E-mail on request.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 6, 1995, in the Computing Services Dept. at UMR at 5:30. A notice will be sent out (hopefully) the week of as a reminder.

A list is being created of persons responding to the notice in the RDN requesting additional information. Most of these respondents show interest in contributing to the project in one fashion or other. As soon as the list is operable, names and addresses of inquirers will be passed on to committee chairpersons for follow-up and/or recruitment. ------------------------------------- Arlene Pagano -------------------------------------