RollaNet Meeting Agenda
March 10, 1995

  1. Busineess meeting will be limited to 1 hour.
  2. Start-up funding budget. PRIORITY goal now. We need more money!!
  3. Purchase telecommunications equipment. Order 6 modems by end of March ($6230). Expect to receive equipment by mid-April. Put current charter members online.
  4. Continue charter membership through June. Exclusive access for charter members during this time. Open up to general public access end of June.
  5. Committee Reports (5 minutes each)
  6. Next meeting date. April 7, 1995, 5:30 PM. Location: Phelps County Courthouse Multipurpose Room
  7. Introduction of new people.
  8. Adjourn business meeting.
  9. Discussions and committee meetings follow.