NEWSLETTER - December 1997

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Busy Signals
Internet Connection
Public Access Stations

Committee Reports
Review Committee
Financial Report
User Support

Frequently Asked


Email RollaNet
P. O. Box 2021
Rolla, MO 65402

Review Committee

The review committee will meet to examine and approve the budget for next year.

Financial Report

The yearly pledge renewal was held in November. A letter went out to all members with information regarding the progress RollaNet has made in the last year. A contribution form was also included, which should be returned with payment by those members who choose to make their donations annually. The form can also be used by all members to make changes in the way contributions are made, for example if you wanted to switch from automatic debit monthly to paying by check annually. If you did not receive your letter, please email Thank you all for your continued support.


Nothing to report.

User Support

If you have recently started having problems connecting to RollaNet with your FTP software please check your settings and verify that the host name is set to "". We recently purchased new servers which required a change in our configuration. Before the new servers were installed "" was sufficient to connect, but now you must include the entire host name "".

Helpdesk volunteers answer questions sent to them via email on varied topics, such as getting connected the first time or improving a homepage. Members needing assistance can send email to or call our voice mail at 573-364-0852.


Are you a member of a church, organization/club, city, etc. that's not represented on RollaNet? Then, WE NEED YOU!

RollaNet is volunteer staffed and the bigger the volunteer base the more information available for the surrounding communities. If you're interested in creating web pages with information for any church, organization/club, or city, please send e-mail to We'll provide the free account. Then, all you have to do is either 1) use our Create a Homepage utility on our Utilities page ( to create a basic page or 2) if you don't already know HTML, you can start with the WWW FAQ on our Helpdesk page ( to learn how to get a little more creative with web pages. Thanks for your consideration.

Volunteers for creating and maintaining other information on RollaNet are also needed. We're always looking for information providers from the surrounding communities. If interested or you have other suggestions, send e-mail to


We've had some performance problems, and we recently installed two new servers to relieve loading. It's important that users use correct host names since we move services around dynamically. See the "user support" section above for information on correctly configuring your FTP software.

Due to the recent reconfiguration of the RollaNet servers our system statistics are not yet available online this month. RollaNet is now receiving about 3.9 million web hits a month. We have over 2,000 members, and had 1,379 days of connect time last month with 56,897 connections. Average time per connection is 34 minutes.

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