NEWSLETTER - December 1997

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Internet Connection
Public Access Stations

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Busy Signals
We know many of you are getting busy signals.  The new modems have arrived (quite some time ago, actually), and in early November, after a lengthy wait for pricing from Sprint, we ordered the two T-1s to connect the modems.  RollaNet is ready to put these modems on line, but we've been waiting for phone company to install the lines. We have received an install date of December 15.  Assuming all goes well, RollaNet users will have 48 more modems answering their calls before school lets out -- making a total of 144 modem lines.

Internet Connection
RollaNet now has exclusive use of a full T-1 Internet connection.  UMR has returned to MOREnet service, and RollaNet is now the only user of the T-1 Sprintlink line, so you may notice a slight improvement.

Public Access Stations
Public Access Stations Locations -  Rolla Public Library; Meramac Regional Planning Commission; Salem Treatment Center; ABLE Commission/Holloway House. DPF Consulting is providing support. If you know of a good location send the information on who to contact to and we'll have someone follow up on it.

General RollaNet meetings will be held twice a year in 1998, dates to be announced. Expect one spring meeting and one fall meeting - picnic style!

We're going to try to produce the online RollaNet Newsletter monthly so the members stay informed about what's happening with Rollanet. But remember, the newsletter is produced by volunteers, so if we miss a month now and then please be patient! Each time a new issue is loaded to the server we'll send an email message to the members which will include a link to the current newsletter. Be sure to read the FAQ's each month, you might find some handy tips. We're hoping to add a few new features to the newsletter so watch for future issues.

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