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How do I build a web page and put it on the RollaNet web server?

All RollaNet members get 5MB of disk space on the RollaNet server to store their own web pages. You can create a very basic web page by using our "Create a Home Page" utility accessible via the "Utilities" link on the RollaNet home page.

If you'd like to be a little more creative, you'll probably want to use a HTML editor to create web pages on your computer and then transfer (upload) them to the RollaNet server using a FTP (file transfer protocol) program. You can download both HTML editors and FTP software from Stroud's Consumate Winsock Applications. If you use a MAC then look around at RollaNet's page with MAC info to hopefully find what you need.

To learn how to how to build a web page check out A Beginner's Guide to HTML and World Wide Web FAQ's. You can also find other related links on the RollaNet HelpDesk home page.

After creating your web pages send them to the RollaNet server using FTP software. Open a connection to "" and log in using your RollaNet userid and password, not "anonymous" and your email address.

You should now be in your home directory on the RollaNet server ("/users/youraccountname/"). Change the directory to your "public_html" directory ("/users/youraccountname/public_html/") if you have one. If not, create one first.

Transfer your files from your PC to the RollaNet server.  Text files (.html or .htm) should be ftped in ascii mode and graphic and sound files (.gif, .jpeg, .au, etc) should be ftped in binary mode. Your FTP software will let you select one of these options.

Your main home page should be named "index.html" or "index.htm". The URL for your home page will be "".

Before you upload your html files, you might want to consider placing files in subdirectories so your home directory doesn't become too crowded. For example, you might want to make an "images" directory ("/users/youraccountname/public_html/images/") to upload all your graphics into. Also, before you upload your html files, remember to change any references to local files so they point to their new location on the server.

Instead of using ftp software, some web browsers allow you to upload web pages to the server. Another option, if you have Windows 95, is to map a network drive and copy files to the server. Discussion about these is beyond the scope of this FAQ. If you have specific questions, please send them to

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