NEWSLETTER - October 1997

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Internet Connection
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Committee Reports
Review Committee
Financial Report
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Frequently Asked


Email RollaNet
P. O. Box 2021
Rolla, MO 65402

Review Committee

Nothing to report.

Financial Report

The yearly pledge renewal will be held in November, as it was last year. Watch for our mailing!


Nothing to report.

User Support

If your connection is frequently dropped, please let the helpdesk know. Before contacting us, listen to the number of rings you hear when you dial in. If it rings once or not at all, it is indicative of a problem with the newer modems. Two or more rings means a problem with the older modems. Attempt to connect several times so there is no doubt which set of modems you are having trouble with. We could have just one bad modem, and this will help us to locate it.

Helpdesk volunteers answer questions sent to them via email on varied topics, such as getting connected the first time or improving a homepage. Members needing assistance can send email to or call our voice mail at 573-364-0852.

If you would like to volunteer for the helpdesk, send your name, address, phone number, credentials and area of expertise to


RollaNet now offers both a web-page based and a java chat page accessible via our home page. The chat portion of these pages are actually hosted by another web server, and therefore we have no control over their services.

Teen page update: We've been busy, so the teen page is still under construction. It's not too late to volunteer or make suggestion comments if you have any. Send e-mail to

Our Community Calendar is a good way to let everyone know what's happening around the area. However, we've had comments that it's not being utilized very much. If you've been looking for a way to volunteer but don't have a lot of time to spare, this would be a perfect place to help us out. Next time you know about a community event, check out the community calendar. If the event is not already there, add it. This is one place where everyone helping out in a small way will help many others in a big way.

Volunteers for creating and maintaining other information on RollaNet are also needed. We're always looking for information providers from the surrounding communities. If interested or you have other suggestions, send e-mail to


RollaNet equipment was relocated to the new rack at UMR. Unfortunately, we will have to move it again. We will combine this move with future work requiring an outage.

We've been upgrading the operating system on the primary server. We moved all services to the beta server while the upgrade was performed, causing service to slow down. The alternative was a three day outage. At this time some services have moved back to the primary server.

We've had some mail delivery problems which should now be stable. We've also had some problems with CGI based mail routines, which we are investigating.

One big outage last month was due to UMR network restructuring.

We have work being performed in the near future which will cause a 2-3 hour outage. This should improve the performance of both servers. Additional work planned for the near term:

    Installing the new modems
    Upgrading modems to 56K support
    Reconfiguring the tacacs for better performance
    Enabling PAP authentication for easier dialup configuration without scripts.
For information on RollaNet system, dial-up and user statistics go to

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