NEWSLETTER - October 1997

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Busy Signals
Internet Connection
Public Access Stations

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Busy Signals
Thank you for letting us know if you were receiving busy signals. As a result of your input, we've ordered 48 new modems. The equipment should arrive in late October and will be installed as soon after that as possible. The T-1's for the new modems have already been requested from Sprint. The new modems, along with the 48 modems installed late last year, will eventually support 56K.

Internet Connection
The independent Internet connection for RollaNet is ready. When UMR switches back to MOREnet, we will start paying for their old link. This will make a whole T-1 available to RollaNet, and eliminate traffic from UMR. It is anticipated that this will occur sometime in October, with no interruption in service.

Public Access Stations
Installation of the new Public Access Station (PASport) in the Salem Treatment Center should be completed within the next week or two. ABLE Commission/Holloway House in Rolla has also signed an agreement to host a PAS. Other locations we are pursuing are the Rolla Chamber of Commerce Visitor's Center and a second station at the Rolla Public Library. DPF Consulting is providing support. If you know of a good location send the information on who to contact to and we'll have someone follow up on it.

General RollaNet meetings will be held twice a year in 1998, dates to be announced. Expect one spring meeting and one fall meeting - picnic style! The last 1997 meeting is scheduled at 5:30 p.m. at the Phelps County Courthouse on December 5.

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