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Email RollaNet
P. O. Box 2021
Rolla, MO 65402

I heard there's a special dial-up phone number just for checking email. When and why should I use this number?

There is a special dial-up number just for checking email. All members may use the special email-only lines. For Rolla, the number is 341-6247. Members using Infolink and dialing from Ft. Leonard Wood should dial 329-7023. The Infolink number for the email-only line in Salem is 729-9023.

When you should use this number is anytime you want to receive or send your email without surfing the net. There is a 10 minute maximum connect time on this line, with an inactivity timeout of 5 minutes.

There are some very good reasons why you should use the email only number.

  • RollaNet resources are used more efficiently; because of the short timeouts RollaNet can provide many more connections with fewer busy signals.

  • It encourages off-line email management, freeing up phone lines which might otherwise be tied up while members read and write their email.

  • It prevents a line from being tied up because a user has forgotten to close their dial-up connection.

  • It enables the user who just wants to check their email to do it without competing with users who are browsing on the web and using the lines for longer periods of time.

Most email software can be set up to automatically connect using the email-only number, while the browser software can be set up for the main dial-up number. Since there are so many software packages available, we can't cover all of them here. There is some additional information on this topic at

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